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Annabel Fanning is the author of the She series, an epic, sexy erotic romance series set in Paris. The She series is available now – and is free on Kindle Unlimited. For a limited time, Annabel is giving away 1000 copies of the entire set on her Facebook Page – and you can win! If you already own the She series, there’s another giveaway just for you!  Read on..

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Meet Annabel Fanning…

Photo of Annabel Fanning, AuthorAnnabel Fanning is a British-born, Australian-based writer and full-time cat enthusiast. When she’s not indulging in her love of writing, she likes to paint her nails, shop and wander off into nature — not necessarily in that order.

She began writing songs as a child, the most memorable of which was entitled: “Tropical Night in Switzerland”. Throughout her teens, songwriting was the most rebellious form of expression that she was willing to partake in (no tattoos, drugs, or biker boys) and her love for storytelling developed. There was just one problem: music wasn’t her passion. A month before her 20th birthday whilst sitting under the Californian sun a few deck chairs down from Robert Pattinson, inspiration struck, and Annabel began writing her first novel. The years flew by and now at 26, Annabel has written a handful of novels, which she plans on releasing throughout 2015/16. She’d really like it if you read them.

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The She Series

A Bestselling Erotic Romance Novel set in the City of Love…

Book Cover - She, Part 1 by Annabel FanningShe, Part 1

“LOVE and SEX at once, is a powerful combination.”

Escape into Annabel Fanning’s feel-good bestselling erotic debut. She Part 1 is a contemporary and humorous look into the lives of two people who are on the precipice of true love. The novel uniquely crosses several genres, mixing first-grade erotica seamlessly with women’s lit and breathtaking romance.

The story unfolds over sixteen thrilling and erotically-charged days, during which the reader is thrust into the heart of Paris, the novel’s backdrop, and into the daily lives of the construction world’s elite.

Logan Leary is a reformed bad-boy who moved to the city of love fifteen years ago to start his life over. Now he owns one of Paris’s most successful companies and leads as seemingly charmed life. There’s just one thing missing: Gemima Samuels.

Gemima Samuels moved to Paris with her down-on-his-luck boyfriend eight years ago. She coasted through life (in that annoying way we sometimes do) until her boyfriend cheated on her and life dealt her a wake up call. Choosing to start afresh, Gemima ends her relationship and quits her job before being hired by the most prestigious interior design firm in the city.

A supposedly inconsequential lunch date turns out to be the start of something phenomenal that will change both of their lives forever.

Set in picturesque Paris, She Part 1 is an erotic tale about falling madly in love. Combining sex, passion, and romance, these two high-flying professionals will leave you saying, “Oh, la la!”



Book Cover for She, Part 2, by Annabel FanningShe, Part 2

“LOVE and SEX at once, is a powerful combination. LOVE and SEX in Paris, is better.”

In this sequel Annabel continues to effortlessly marry several genres. From laugh-out-loud comedy to steaming erotica to heart pounding romance, She Part 2 has it all.

Picking up where Part 1 left off, Gemima and Logan escape Paris for the weekend to indulge in all manner of pleasurable things on the French Riviera. Relaxation, sightseeing and sex — it’s a perfect combination!

Once back in Paris, life hands out a few surprises, from troublesome ex-boyfriends, to changes at work, to a heartwarming best friends confession. But the lead up to Logan’s birthday brings one event that Gemima must conquer (and try her best not to say anything inappropriate which, you know, is hard for her!) She must meet Logan’s parents, and his bastard of a brother…

Taking place over thirteen electric days, She Part 2 continues to explore love, sex and a relationship unlike any other you’ve ever read. This smart-talking duo will leave you saying, “Oh mon dieu!”


Photo Teaser for She, by Annabel Fanning

Part 1 is 115,000 words and Part 2 is 150,000 of “oh, la la” goodness. For readers 18+ over only. Contains explicit sexual content, a hero that will make your heart flutter, and a heroine who will make you laugh out loud. To experience the full scope of their relationship, this series is designed to be read in its entirety.

A selection of readers’ comments…

5* — “Amazing!”

5* — “Beautifully written.”

4* — “Beyond hot.”

5* — “A love story in every sense of the word.”

5* — “These two will go down as my favorite couple in any book I have, or will ever read!”

5* — “A phenomenally brilliant conclusion.”

5* — “MUST READ.”

5* — “Hilarious.”

Photos of the covers of the She series by Annabel Fanning


Buying Links

Both books are FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Part 1 — Amazon US | Part 2 — Amazon US

Part 1 — Amazon UK | Part 2 — Amazon UK

Part 1 — Amazon AU | Part 2 —Amazon AU

Photo teaser quote from the She series, by Annabel Fanning

Music: A Guest Post

I incorporated a lot of music in the series (each chapter is named after a song, as is the entire series). The chapter playlists can be found here: http://www.annabelfanning.com/music-playlist.html

I LOVE music! It’s a huge part of my life. I spent all of my teen years writing songs and coming up with melodies and putting them to tracks in various recording studios around the city where I live. Music features heavily in the two book series that I wrote before She Part 1 & 2, however with these books I went a little further and decided to name each chapter in the books after a song that I feel best resonates with the contents of the corresponding chapter. Here’s what I came up with…

She Part 1 Soundtrack:

1. Begin Again by Taylor Swift
(the lyrics “on a Wednesday in a cafe, I watched it begin again” could not have been more perfect, because the book starts on Wednesday and (you guessed) the first scene is in a cafe, and the entire chapter is about the excitement of a new beginning)
2. My Funny Valentine by Alice Fredenham (an Ella Fitzgerald cover)
3. Searchlight by Jamie Catto, Kelli Ali, Duncan Bridgeman, Paul Herman, Lévon Min

(I found this song whilst cruising the Chillout Lounge music channel like my characters in the book do. It’s become of my favourite songs ever!)

  1. Domino by Jesse J
  2. Tell Me by Mia Dyson
  3. Ready For Love by India Arie
  4. Nothing At All by Santana feat. Musiq

(This choice was purely about the music rather than the lyrics. The smooth and funky Santana beat was perfect for the sexy dancing scenes, oh lala!)

  1. You Shook Me All Night Long by ACDC
  2. Mirrors by Boyce Avenue (a Justin Timberlake cover)
  3. Happy by Pharrell Williams

(Although perfect for the story, this is also a bit of an homage to my friend, who I was staying with when I wrote She Part 1. Happy was her ringtone, and her phone used to ring off the hook.)

  1. Replay by Zendaya
  2. Burn by Ellie Goulding
  3. You Got It by Roy Orbison

She Part 2 Soundtrack:

  1. Kill Of The night by Gin Wigmore

(I went back and forth on whether or not to use this one. It’s just so damn cool, that I had to go for it.)

  1. I’ll Be Your Lover, Too by Van Morrison
  2. Ex’s And Oh’s by Elle King

(A late edition which fits perfectly with this chapter. This is the only song in the series that I didn’t find myself. Logan’s number 1 fan, Jennifer, found this one for me.)

  1. Empire by Shakira
  2. What A Man by Jessica Mauboy (a Linda Lyndell cover)

(Dedicated from Gemima to Mr. Logan Leary.)

  1. Dancing In The Dark by Bruce Springsteen
  2. Inside Out by Bryan Adams
  3. The Best by Tuna Turner
  4. Heartbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson
  5. Sex On Fire by Kings Of Leon

(Eighteen months I had this song in mind for these particular scenes. My patience paid off, this is a great part of the story, even if I do say so myself!)

  1. It’s My Party by Lesley Gore
  2. Jungle by Emma Louise
  3. Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift, ft. Ed Sheeran

(It seems fitting that the penultimate chapter links back to the very first one.)

  1. She by Charles Aznavour

(Ah, the namesake of the entire series! This is such a beautiful, striking and romantic song, and so utterly perfect for Logan to dedicate to Gemima. I couldn’t have finished it in any other way.)


If you’d like to have a little jam session, all the songs are available to listen to on my website: www.annabelfanning.com

Bonus Chapter!

Photo ad for She - the bonus chapter by Annabel Fanning

FREE to download here! http://www.annabelfanning.com/freebonus-chapters.html

Can be read before, after or during the series.



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Merry Christmas 🙂

A photo teaser from the She series by Annabel Fanning

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