Book Review: The Record of My Heart, by Georgina Guthrie


Photo of the cover of The Record of My Heart, a newly-released contemporary romance novel by author Georgina Guthrie

Title:  The Record of My Heart

Series:  The Words Series, Book 3.5

Author: Georgina Guthrie

Genre: Contemporary Adult Romance, New Adult Romance

Publisher: Omnific

Release Date: March 24, 2015


Daniel Grant desperately wants Aubrey Price, a woman he can’t have—at least not for two long months. He could give up and walk away, but he won’t. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, he waits.

And while he waits…he writes.

Through a series of journals and letters, The Record of my Heart traces Daniel’s romantic contemplations, what he calls “the secret musings of a man tumbling headfirst in love…”

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My Review

Once again, mere words are inadequate to describe the sense of joy and wonder that comes from reading one of Georgina Guthrie’s stories. The Words series is – and I believe will always be – among a mere handful of love stories that I will read time and time again. It’s a series I would buy in every format available to make sure that I would never find myself without a copy close at hand. To me, it is one of the rare series that can be described as utterly flawless, perfectly written in some of the most beautiful, lyrical prose I have ever had the honor to read.

Georgina Guthrie is an author whose books I would pre-order without a second thought – without a title, a cover, or a synopsis – with only the promise of a new story or a revisit of an older one. The Weight of Words, Better Deeds Than Words, and The Truest of Words left readers wanting more; not only more of this particular series and its characters, but more of anything Georgina chooses to write. The moment I knew there would be a sequel, written from Daniel’s point of view, my heart literally leapt. The Record of My Heart would be an amazing book in any context, but it is the ultimate companion to the series. I highly recommend that you read the complete trilogy first, if you have not already done so, but if you are a fan of the series, stop reading this and just buy it — now.

Daniel Grant is one of the most beautifully complex romantic characters in contemporary adult romance, and therefore one of the most compelling, unforgettable fictional lovers you will ever encounter. In The Record of My Heart, he expresses his all-consuming love for Aubrey Price through letters and journal entries that he writes and saves to share with her at just the right time – whenever that may be.  They begin at the beginning – the fateful day they met, and continue until … well, you will have to read that for yourself.

Daniel’s words are always carefully chosen, as only a passionate soul mate, an ardent lover, and a teacher of great literature would compose. Often funny and self-deprecating, other times poignant and painful, they are always full of a passion and tenderness that will take your breath away. Daniel’s words are truly a window to his soul, and he lays his soul completely bare along this very private journey. He is the ultimate fantasy, and theirs is the ultimate love story — the one that draws us to romantic literature in the first place, and keeps us coming back for more.

If it were possible, I’d give this series an infinite number of stars, but since it is not, I have to say that five will never be enough.  And, although the letters are intended as the most deeply personal of all gifts to his one true love, in truth they are a gift to romantic readers and literature lovers everywhere.

Thank you, Ms. Guthrie, for taking us back to the story and bringing it to such an incredible conclusion.