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Title:  Travis

Author:  Tracie Podger

Series: Fallen Angel, Book #6

Genre: contemporary adult romance, romantic suspense

For readers 18 and over due to sexual content and mature themes



Travis Curran spent his childhood surrounded by physical abuse, until he could take no more…

His father has a drinking problem – he liked to take that problem out on his family.
His brother has a drinking problem – he liked to take that problem out on Travis.

At the age of eleven, Travis was forced to run, forced to leave his sister, the only mother he ever knew and flee to Washington, DC, with a man he doesn’t know. It should have been simple; his sister was to follow a week later – But she never arrived.

Alone and homeless, Travis survived.
He survived with the help of a boy who became his best friend, his brother in all but blood.
He survived with the help of the family.

Today he lives a life of secrets, a life of wealth but also of crime.
He enjoys this life – until the moment his past catches up with him.

This is the story of an exceptional man, a dangerous man. His life in his words.
This is the story of Travis Curran.



Dan, my sister, my family, they had all abandoned me, they had all forgotten about me and I felt very alone. I watched people, couples holding hands, families playing together and the pain I felt inside intensified. I was on my own and I had to make the best of it. I didn’t leave the park, opting to lie on a bench once the night fell. It was a mistake. At night the drunks came and I guessed the bench belonged to one when he grabbed hold of my jacket and dragged me off. I landed in a heap on the ground. He was rambling, something about the war.

“Fuck off,” he growled.

“I’m sorry,” I said as I scrambled to my feet. I headed for a small wooded area, slid down a tree and waited for the morning.

The days had melded into each other, I lost track of what day of the week it even was. I only knew it was the weekend because the streets were less busy with suited people scurrying to and from work. The weekends were the hardest because that’s when I would see families, moms and sons walking and laughing, brothers and sisters playing and that loneliness would hit me like a punch to the gut.

I noticed a couple of boys, slightly younger than me I guessed. They were playing ball, tossing it to each other. I watched them for a while, smiling at their laughter as they had fun. I was itching to join in, to do something normal like playing catch. One threw it too far and it landed at my feet, I was still sitting with my back to the tree that had been home for the past two nights. I picked the ball up, stood and walked towards them. They smiled at me and I smiled back.

“You wanna play?” one said. I nodded my head.

“Throw the ball,” the other called out, jogging backwards and raising his arm, ready to catch the ball in his mitt.

It was nice to hear someone talk to me. That was until their dad appeared. He snatched the ball from me and without a word, grabbed the two boys by the hand. One child looked over his shoulder as he was hauled away and he gave me a small smile. Despite my promise never to cry again, I couldn’t stop the tear that rolled down one cheek. I angrily wiped it away. I had no idea what I looked like, what condition my hair was in or how dirty my face was – there were no mirrors on the street. Those boys hadn’t been bothered by how I looked; they had just wanted to play with me.

“Fuck you,” I screamed to their retreating backs. “Fuck you all.”

That day I hardened my heart. I would survive. I would shoplift and fucking enjoy it. I would wipe my family from my mind and fucking enjoy it. I would fight if I had to and fucking enjoy it. No one would ever see my heartache again.

That one simple act of dragging those children away from me, and I was no more than a child myself, confirmed one thing – no one was going to help me.

I had no choice but to toughen up and help myself.

~ ~ ~

We had only driven a short distance when the blue flashing lights of a cop car lit up the inside of ours…

“What do you want to do, bro?” I asked. If we’d been aware of their presence in time I probably could have outrun them.

“Pull over, let’s see what they want?”

I pulled the car to the kerb and waited. A cop tapped on my side window.

“Permit,” he said.

I handed it through the open window and he took a while studying it.

“Exist the car, slowly, both of you,” we were instructed.

Two police officers, who had obviously been waiting, gestured for us to get out of the car. As I did one of them grabbed me by the arm and slammed me face first on the hood. He pulled my arms behind my back and cuffed me. Robert and I looked over at each other; he gave a very slight nod of his head. Being picked up by the cops had always been his worst nightmare, but that nod told me he was okay. I wasn’t too worried, the police could do nothing to me, I was too old to be sent back to New York.

In silence they placed me into the back of a car, with Robert in another, and we were driven back to the station. The only thing I told them was my name and address as they booked me. Still cuffed, they marched me along a grey corridor. The walls, the floor, the metal doors to cells were all the same depressing colour. Apparently cheerfulness was not the look they were going for.

They released my wrists as they closed the cell door behind me. I rubbed at them, a little pissed at the unnecessary tightness of the cuffs. I could walk from one end of the cell to the other in four paces. Robert was going to freak – not that he was claustrophobic, but he hated confinement. I flipped the stained mattress against the wall, sat on the metal frame of the cot and waited. Eventually I was taken by a cop, again in silence, to an interview room. I sat and smiled at the sour-faced female guarding the door. He cheeks coloured a little.

A few minutes later she was replaced by one of the cops that had pulled us over, and his sidekick.

“Travis, my name is Detective Mallory…”

I cut him off. “Can you tell me why I’m being held here?”

“Joey Morietti has implicated you in a rather nasty assault,” he replied.

I raised my eyebrows. “Really? And when did this assault take place?”

“Earlier this evening, the police were called to Sibley Memorial after he was admitted. It appears he has suffered some serious injuries. Know anything about that?”

“Not a thing, been at the club all night, want the address?”

After I had given him the address and he’d written it down, he handed it to the sidekick who left the room; the door was guarded once more by sourpuss. She kept her gaze firmly fixed to the wall above my head.

“Your friend, Robert, gives a different location for your whereabouts this evening,” he tried.

“Then he may have had one too many,” I replied.

“What can you tell me about Joey?”

“Not much, don’t really know him.”

“We know you work for his father,” came the response.

“Doesn’t mean I know who assaulted his son, if he has been assaulted, of course.”

“So what do you do for Guiseppi Morietti?” he asked.

“Collect rent, as I’m sure you already know. Now, shall we get back to the shocking news of his son? What happened to him?”

Detective Mallory stared at me, I gave him a smile. He reminded me of Goon, in fact, such was the resemblance they could have been related.

“Do you have a brother?” I asked.

~ ~ ~

A wooden bedstead dominated the room, its mattress in a cloth protector, and on either side of the bed were small nightstands. I sat on the bed and looked at Alison standing in the middle of the room. She stared straight back at me. No words were spoken as she took the few steps required before she was standing between my knees. Her hands cupped either side of my face. I ran my hands up her legs, catching her dress and raising it. She leant down for a kiss.

Her lips gently pressed against mine. I opened my mouth and my tongue tangled with hers. My hands had come to rest on her hips and I held them fast while pulling her closer to me. I could feel the lace of her panties under my fingers. Our kiss deepened; I was hungry for her.

I stood, and as I did I raised the dress over her head. She wore a matching lace panty and bra set, somehow that pleased me; I’d hoped she had dressed for the evening. Her tanned skin set off the white of the lace. She reached forward and unknotted my tie, sliding it from my collar, and with an agonising slow pace she undid the buttons of my shirt. Her hands brushed against my chest, lower and lower as each button was popped open. While she unbuckled my belt I shrugged the shirt from my shoulders, letting it fall in a heap on the floor. Alison ran her fingers around the waistband of my pants, her nails scraping gently against my skin. She popped the button, undid the zip and with my pants in her fists, she lowered them as she sunk to her knees.


5-Star Reader Reviews….

This book was brilliant and intense. I felt Travis’ anger, fear, resentment and love to his “family” ie, Robert, Evelyn and Joe. He is a multifaceted character. He has all the usual emotions you would expect from one who has had a rough start in life but he is also fiercely loyal and protective to those he loves. He is also HOT and sexy and is incredibly charismatic. Yes, that is why I love him! This lovely by the incredibly talented Tracie Podger gets five stars from me. (But in my heart it deserves 100!)  ~ Kerry-Ann (Kez’s Corner)

This book is simply spectacular. It tells the story of Travis, one of the pivotal characters in The Fallen Angel Series. I defy anyone to not fall in love with Travis from his turbulent childhood, through his journey of self discovery and sexual awareness! It’s a compelling, gripping story that grabs a hold of you immediately. This author has the unique talent of completely immersing you in her world with her descriptive and enthralling words. Travis will live in my heart always… ~ Karen S.

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About the Author

Tracie-Podger-Photo copy 2_FotorTracie Podger currently lives in Kent, UK with her husband and a rather obnoxious cat called George. She’s a Padi Scuba Diving Instructor with a passion for writing. Tracie has been fortunate to have dived some of the wonderful oceans of the world where she can indulge in another hobby, underwater photography. She likes getting up close and personal with sharks.

Tracie wishes to thank you for giving your time to read her books and hopes you enjoy them as much as she loves writing them. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact her; she would love to hear from you. She will be signing in London, York, Dublin, Birmingham and Aberdeen in 2015, and Liverpool, Leeds, Essex, and Dublin (to date) in 2016. Please stop by if you can!

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Travis Curran, Fallen Angel – The Interview Ends


I think I surprised my feisty interviewer with the answer to her last question; her eyes flashed to mine, a quizzical look on her face. Certainly whatever research she did before the interview didn’t prepare her for that.

“Describe your perfect woman…what is she like? Have you met her yet?”

“My perfect woman? Someone strong in character, for sure. And have I met her yet?

I think I have…”


“Very interesting, Mr. Curran.  So describe your ideal first date with that perfect woman,” she asked.

I smiled. “Dinner to start. I like to see a woman eat, Paula. It tells me how confident they are. Do they push their food around their plate or do they actually eat their food?”

“Of course you must realize you have quite the reputation as a ‘player’. I’ve heard from some of my journalist colleagues that their lunches – and dinners – with you have been very… erm… stimulating. So I have to ask…do you ever take women seriously, Travis? Would you want your daughter to date a man like you?”

Somehow I felt like I had just received a punch to the gut. I really liked this woman and she had just called me out. Is that what people thought of me? Go back a few hours and I would have laughed, heck no, I would have been over the moon to be known as a player. But not with Paula. I wanted her to respect me.

I took a deep breath, totally unprepared for that question.

“I’d kill any man like me if he thought he could date my daughter.”

Perhaps Paula saw the discomfort in my eyes, the realisation that I didn’t want her to think of me that way. Her features softened when she looked back up at me and smiled.

“Let’s lighten this a little. If I asked Robert to describe you in three words, what would they be? And what would Brooke say about you in three words?” she asked.

I leant back in my chair.

“ Wow, you’re putting me through the mill here, aren’t you? Three words from Robert… Loyal, brother, keeper of secrets. Not technically three words, but true. As for Brooke, well…grumpy, she calls me that a lot, protector, family,” I replied.

“What three words would you use to describe yourself?”

 I laughed as I replied.

“Would you believe me if I said reformed? Maybe I’ll throw in another loyal and misunderstood.”

“If you could change one thing about yourself – past or present – what would it be?”

Paula seemed very interested hearing the answer to this. She rested her arms on the oak table and leant slightly towards me.

“Nothing, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am the man I am today because of my past. This is me, Paula. You’re the first person – stranger – that’s actually getting the truth. Don’t ask me why, but for some reason I don’t want to lie to you.”

There was a pause before Paula glanced down at her notes and continued with her questions. For the second time I wished I could have kicked myself. What a dumb thing to say.

 “Fair enough, Travis. I have some readers who might enjoy a bit of fantasy, something I’ve heard you’re very willing to indulge. Let’s test that. You seem like an adventurous man…so, what’s your favorite kind of kink? Or are you more a vanilla man?”

“What the fuck…? Where did that question come from?” I laughed.

“In answer, Paula, I’m a ‘any which way that pleases you’ kind of guy. Despite what you might have heard about me, my priority in the bedroom is to ensure you have a great time. Whatever your kink is, it becomes mine.”

Now we were moving onto my kind of questions.

“What is the most unique and unforgettable sexual experience you’ve ever had? Was it your idea, or hers?” she asked with a glint in those amazing blue eyes.

“This might shock you, Paula. I want to make love to someone, not just fuck them. Making love to someone would be a unique experience for me, one I’ve yet to achieve. As for unforgettable, I imagine that would be experienced at the same time.”

To say the look of shock that crossed Paula’s face was obvious would be an understatement. I wanted to pump my fist in the air – Suck on that, Miss Radell. No, maybe I shouldn’t have those thoughts. My cock was straining painfully against my pants. She leant towards me, her voice lowered to a near whisper.

“Does the thrill of being caught in the act make you uncomfortable, or aroused?”

I noticed her checking me out, she would know I was aroused right then. I turned in my chair so I was fully facing her, I wanted her to see the effect she was having on me.

“Another strange question. The thought neither thrills nor arouses me. I’ve been ‘caught in the act’ many times. Believe it or not, as I’ve already said, my focus would be on you, not where we were or who was about to interrupt us — other than that one. That one would sure put a dampener on things,” I said as I glanced towards the boardroom door.

Evelyn smiled as she entered, pleased to see her cousin. For the first time in my life, I was not pleased to see Evelyn, bad timing. Paula leant back in her chair, her hand pushed away a strand of hair that had fallen across her face. She cleared her throat and bit her lower lip to conceal the smile.

“Ev, great timing,” I said as she took a chair opposite us. Her eyebrows raised in question as Paula greeted her with a smile and glanced quickly at her notes.

“I think we are nearly done here, Evelyn. One more question if I may, Travis. Is there anything else you want to tell the world about Travis Curran?”

“You haven’t heard the last of me yet,” I gave her a wink as I stood.

I held the door open while Paula made her way from the boardroom followed by Evelyn, who hesitated, leaving her cousin to walk a few paces in front. She looked at me, her eyes narrowed. I leant my head to her ear.

 “I’m going to marry her,” I said, then stood and walked away, leaving Evelyn looking open-mouthed at me.


In the final installment…I’ll switch points of view. 

Check back and see what I really think of Travis Curran as I give my account of our ‘interesting’ interview.

The Interview Continues: Travis Curran, Fallen Angel (Part 2 of 4)

Photo banner for a fantasy interview with Travis Curran, fictional character from the Fallen Angel Series by Tracie Podger

“Travis, my readers are completely entranced by the “man behind the man” – and very curious about what makes you tick. Let’s give the readers what they want, shall we? Although I know you’re American, I swear I hear a hint of Irish when you speak. Am I right? And if so, were you born there, do you have any memories of Ireland?”

“I’m not sure why your readers would be entranced by me but thank you. You’re right, I guess there is a slight twang to my accent. I was born in the States, my mother was heavily pregnant when she arrived. As for the accent, I guess I didn’t really have an education, not in the traditional sense anyway. I was brought up in an Irish community, surrounded by the accent so I suppose it was natural that I adopted it as I learnt to talk,” I replied.

 “Do you ever think you might visit Ireland, and if so, what would you want to do?” she asked.

 I swallowed hard and thought for a moment. I remembered back, as a child my sister would tell me stories, folk stories about giants warring. I felt a pang of sadness.

“No, Paula. I don’t think there is anything in Ireland that I’d want to see.”

“Tell me as much as you can about your job at Vassago. You are obviously more than Mr. Stone’s driver…what is it that you do to help run the family business?”

 Interesting question and I kicked myself for not finding out what she knew about us. Being related to Evelyn must have meant she knew who we were, surely?

“I guess you could say I’m a jack of all trades. I’m involved in security, troubleshooting, problem-solving even,” I said. I’d let her decide what any of that meant.

“Other than your brother, Robert, who would you say has had the greatest influence on the man you are today?”

“Your cousin, Paula, has to feature quite high on that list. Both Robert and I have a lot to thank her for. She found us, she helped us get off the streets. She’s probably the kindest woman I know,” I answered.

There was something very different about this interview. It felt serious for a start but watching Paula as she spoke, she hardly referred to her notes and she took down my answers in some sort of shorthand as I spoke.

“What’s your drink of choice after a long day at the office? What’s your go-to favorite meal?” she said.

 “Mmm, I think I prefer a bottle of beer — Robert’s your wine man — and favorite meal? I have two answers, but let’s stick with the sensible one – anything Evelyn prepares for me.” I smiled, pleased at my restraint; however, I felt a twitch in my pants as I thought about what I’d really like to eat…

“What else do you do to unwind, besides sparring with Robert?” Paula said.

 “Miss Radell, did you just wink at me?” I was starting to really enjoy this exchange. “I have many ways of unwinding, all are very pleasurable.”

“If you could live anywhere else in the world – and, come to think of it, you probably could – where would it be, and why?”

“I haven’t been outside the US, I don’t even own a passport, Paula. So I guess my answer would be right here. I love DC, my family is here. I’d live where ever my family are.”

Paula put down her pen and turned her whole body towards me. I took in the sculptured neck, a neck I wanted to run my tongue over. I took in those piercing eyes, eyes I wanted open and on me as I… No, I wasn’t going there.

“When you meet a woman for the first time, what is the first thing you notice about her?” she asked.

Shit, what a question. Do I answer honestly?

“It depends on the woman, Paula. You, for example, the first thing I noticed was the colour of your hair and eyes.”

That atmosphere had changed, there was a current flowing around us and the air felt charged.

“Describe your perfect woman…what is she like? Have you met her yet?”

 “My perfect woman? Someone strong in character, for sure. And have I met her yet? I think I have…”


Come back tomorrow for Part 3…Travis has more to share.

A photo of a shirtless young man representing the hero in an upcoming erotic romance-suspense novel, Travis, by author Tracie Podger