Passionate Readers: Fall in Love with Donovan Hart, your new book boyfriend, from The Gentleman's Series by AJ Linn

This week on Passionate Reads (Curl Up and Read, Facebook Style), our Indie Author Focus is on AJ Linn, the talented indie author of the sweet, funny, sentimental and suspenseful Gentleman’s Series: A Gentleman’s Affair, A Gentleman’s Secret(and – this summer – A Gentleman’s Memoir). Yesterday, Passionate Readers were introduced to “the gentleman” himself – Donovan Hart – through the synopsis of A Gentleman’s Affair as well as some creative quotes and photos from the popular Gentleman’s Hub on Twitter (@GentlemansHub). Today finishes up the focus on book 1, including some of its many 5-star reviews.

Tomorrow’s post will feature a link to an interview with Donovan, originally published on “Loverly’s Book Blog”*.

*Special thanks to two members of AJ’s awesome  team – Mal and Cristol – for providing the link and allowing me to use it; and special thanks to AJ for agreeing to be the first indie author under the spotlight.  Also, please note that all photo quotes & images on this page were provided byThe Gentleman’s Hub on Twitter, unless otherwise noted. Follow @GentlemansHub for the latest updates on AJ Linn and his upcoming novel, A Gentleman’s Memoir.


But I digress…**  

** This familiar phrase happens to be one of my personal favorite “Donovan-isms”- and one of the endearing qualities about AJ’s writing style, which is truly in a class by itself. It’s fresh, it’s direct, and most important – it feels genuine, spontaneous and very “real”. When Donovan tells his story — be it in A Gentleman’s Affair or A Gentleman’s Secret –it’s as if he’s sitting across from you in the famous Joe’s coffee shop ( a favorite stop, across the street from La Fuga). You see what Donovan sees; you feel what he feels; and you can’t help but laugh at both the ridiculous predicaments he finds himself in, the hilarious way he explains them; and the internal dialogue that tells us what he’s thinking. It is this refreshing, clean, crisp writing style – the genuine, honest voice of the author – that makes AJ’s books a personal, utterly relatable experience for the reader; and has made him one of my very favorite independent authors.

Let’s finish the first part of Donovan’s journey to find his “one true love” – because AJ saves the best for last. (There are no spoilers here – you will have to experience A Gentleman’s Affair for yourself – and if you haven’t already, add it to your TBR list on Goodreads today!)


As I mentioned yesterday, Donovan is attracted to Scarlett from the moment they meet, but is held back by his own set of “rules” against fraternizing with the staff. There is a reason for that – a very big reason – she’s “The Ex” – and the kind of manipulative, cunning ex-girlfriends that every man fears. She is a nuisance-turned-nemesis in A Gentleman’s Affair – and always arrives just at the right moment to keep him off balance.


Relationships are never easy, right? And relationships full of secrets are often doomed to fail. But when Donovan is forced to admit that denying himself the opportunity to love Scarlett may jeopardize his one chance at true happiness, he throws the rule book out the window and takes the risk. It is at this point that the REAL journey begins.


Of course, it can’t be that easy, can it? Not for Donovan Hart. Just as the going seems to get good, things utterly fall apart and Donovan has to make a decision: to fight for Scarlett, or give up.  His decision is summed up in my favorite quote from A Gentleman’s Affair…

Photo quote by Donovan Hart, A Gentleman's Affair by AJ Linn

And does he win her back?? He’s Donovan Hart! Of course he does! Who can resist him? Especially not the woman who loves him…so, back “in the saddle” so to speak, things heat up, quickly.


So…that’s the end of it, right? Noooooooo.

Ask yourself: “If A Gentleman’s Affair ends in a happy-ever-after, why do we need Book 2?”   Exactly. Why?

Because just when Donovan realizes he’s found what he longed for… 

Crystal Clear_Fotor

…the unthinkable happens.

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