Have You Met Donovan Hart? Now is your chance! He’s on SALE!


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For a limited time only, author A. J. Linn is selling his popular Gentleman’s Series at a special price – all e-formats – on Smashwords.com.  A. J. is one of my favorite indie authors.  His writing style is crisp, clean, poignant and often hilarious. His books are easy, fun reads for times when you just need a good book that will stir your  heartstrings, give you some hot, hot, hot flashes, and make you laugh out loud. If you haven’t met the ultimate playboy hero, Donovan Hart – and heard him tell his story – find out what you’re missing TODAY.

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AGA-CoverBook 1:  A Gentleman’s Affair


Donovan Hart is known as the handsome, successful ‘catch’ of Malibu. The upscale hotel and adult club owner has done and seen it all. Now at 32, he is ready for more…a love like his parents had. That all-consuming, true, once-in-a- lifetime love. He sets out on a hilarious and sometimes disturbing search for love determined to find his girl, breaking hearts and a few rules along the way.

Il mio per sempre-AGA_2

AGS-coverBook 2: A Gentleman’s Secret


Donovan Hart has finally found his unico vero amore’ in the beautiful Scarlett Montgomery, but the question remains…will he be able keep her?

Will his secret be too much for her to handle, or…will hers be too much for him to handle?

A Gentleman’s Secret is an unpredictable ride full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Two people desperate to escape the sins of their past, hoping to find the one thing that has been missing…Love.

But, is love really enough to conquer all?


AGM-coverBook 3: A Gentleman’s Memoir

a novella – $1.99

You may already know Donovan Hart from A Gentleman’s Affair and A Gentleman’s Secret. Here is your chance to get to know him a bit more personally…more, behind the scenes, or under the sheets, as I like to say.

In A Gentleman’s Memoir, you will get a glimpse into his past. You will see Donovan tackle loss, love, heartbreak, and sexual exploration. You see him grow from a directionless, 25-year-old, entitled, partying, beach bum and well-known Malibu ladies’ man into a man who decides to take on the world…or at least, La Fuga.

Spanning seven years of his life, from the death of his beloved mother, to his relationship with Danielle Hughes -aka cheating whore- to the sexual escapades that go beyond even his wildest imagination, A Gentleman’s Memoir, written in Donovan’s own words, may just shock you.

Possibly just as much as it did him.

AGM Teaser 2

About the Author:

Author AJ Linn began writing as a fanfiction blogger on Twitter as @FuckedUpFifty_ with an incredible FSOG blog written from Christian Grey’s point of view,   http://christiangreypov.wordpress.com/
At the encouragement of his followers, he decided to write a novel, and Donovan Hart, the charming, handsome, sexy protagonist of The Gentleman’s Series was brought to life.
His first novel, A Gentleman’s Affair, was published in May, 2013…even as he was writing his second novel, A Gentleman’s Secret, which was published in December, 2013.
His unique style and boundless creativity have produced a series of books that will hang in readers’ memories forever.  His latest, A Gentleman’s Memoir, a novella, published in August, 2014, is a prequel to the first novel, and will give readers an in-depth look at Donovan’s past, adding even more to the story of Donovan Hart.
The best news? We haven’t heard the last of AJ Linn…rumor has it that A Gentleman’s Fate is yet to come. 
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