Overdue Book Review: Pucked, by Helena Hunting

Cover photo, Pucked by Helena HuntingHelena Hunting shoots and scores again with this hilarious, sweet, sexy story of intense attraction, scorching chemistry, and two great people who know what they want – each other – but have no idea how to go about it. Violet Hall is trapped between her own rules about dating hockey players, her rebellion against an over-protective stepbrother, her overwhelming desire for Alex, and her fear of pursuing a relationship with him. Alex Waters is a star hockey player who could have any “Puck Bunny” he wants, and according to the press, he has plenty of them. He is immediately drawn to Violet, for reasons even he can’t understand – and his all-consuming focus on his game is flipped on its head from their first kiss. He has an uphill battle on his hands to gain Violet’s trust and prove himself worthy of her. Violet has a similar battle ahead – letting down her walls, trusting Alex, and taking a chance that what they feel for each other is real. The conflict is inevitable – the conclusion may be a bit predictable – but the way this story is written makes it stand apart from other sports-themed boy-girl romances out there.

Helena Hunting is a master at romantic humor, heat and heartbreak. Even the chapter titles are so hilarious you want to remember them long after you’ve finished the story. The dialogue between all of the characters will make you laugh out loud in inappropriate places (if, like me, sometimes you read in inappropriate places and reap the consequences of that decision). However, as in real life – all romance has a dark side, and when the darkness falls, the reader feels the heart-breaking pain of these beautifully developed characters. Mix both of those extremes with their extraordinarily well-written, panty-dropping sexual encounters and you end up with the perfect formula for a 5-star book series.

I was honored to be invited to review Pucked and absolutely cannot wait to see secondary characters Buck and Sunny have their turn in the ring in Helena’s upcoming sequel.

Warning: you will never, ever, see Canadian beavers, hockey pucks, duffle bags, lockers or superhero action figures in the same way. If you’re OK with that, read on! Or better yet, one-click the cover below for the Kindle edition and read it this weekend!

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Release Blitz! Beautifully Unbroken, by D. Brittle











Title:  Beautifully Unbroken

Author:  D. M. Brittle

Release Date: Friday, November 28, 2014

Genre:  Erotic Romance (Sexual Situations, for readers 18+)

Formats: Paperback and Kindle

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All Jo Summers wants in her life is to be happy.  But her previous relationship led her to believe that happiness doesn’t exist without pain. Building a wall around herself, she refuses to let any man get close enough to break her down; that is, until Blake Mackenzie walks into her life. She is drawn to him immediately and finds him too hard to resist even though she knows she should.

When Blake finds out about Jo’s past, he makes it his mission to fix her and prove that happiness does exist without pain. Their journey isn’t without struggle, however, as Jo tries to walk away time and time again. But eventually she learns that it’s finally time to stop running and face her fears head-on.

**Reader Advisory: Sexual Content**

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Author Donna BrittleD. M. Brittle has always been a true believer in love at first sight, fairy-tales and happy ever afters. Although they don’t always exist in real life, she believes that there is no better way to get lost in those fantasies than in a good book. When Donna isn’t writing she is working part-time while looking out for her two princesses and being a good wife to her husband of 14 years.

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