An Ache In My Veins (Love & Ink #4), by J. A. Howell – Release Blitz!

An Ache in my Veins

by J. A. Howell

Front Cover, An Ache In My Veins, by J. A. HowellDarren never loved anyone like he did, Ash. But Ash was ancient history after she disappeared without a trace. At least that was what he thought until she shows up one day at The Knotted Kneedle.

Suddenly, those old feelings from before… before he was a Dom, before he was anything, come rushing back. The only problem. Ash is engaged and has no interest in rehashing their past and bringing up all the old, painful memories that come along with it.

Unfortunately for her, Darren has never been one to take no for an answer. Not when it comes to the only woman he ever saw a future with. He still loves her and wants her back despite the pain of the past and everything her disappearance caused.

But will Darren’s persistence come with reward? a second chance at love? Or will it end the same way it did before… and leave him with an ache he can’t ever fulfill?


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Josiah’s Love and Justice, Volume III – Slave Life, by Lucas X Black

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Josiah’s Love and Justice Volume III: Slave Life


Lucas X Black

Genre: BDSM


Book Cover, Slave LifeAstrid and Becky have joined the family, and things seem to be normalizing, when a death changes their lives forever.  In the midst of it, one slave meets with redemption and forgiveness. Meanwhile, a friendship is forged between Josiah and Simon, master of Anita.  Anita is an attorney but seems to have but a nodding acquaintance with ethics, and Simon wants to learn more of dominance, to master Anita more effectively.  Along the way, the bonds of Clan Bailey grow stronger than ever …
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“Honey, you’re beautiful and if you think I don’t know beautiful young women are desired in the beds of virile men, you need to wake up and smell the coffee,” Mabel said.  “I want to show you something.”  She went to a bookshelf and fetched a photo album, and set it on the table, then opened it to one of the pages toward the back.  It was an ancient black-and-white photo of a slim and beautiful naked woman.  “That was me when I was your age.  My husband took that photo and developed it himself.  About two months later we got in a big fight about something so stupid I don’t remember what it was, and I went out for revenge sex with Tom Stafford.  I should’ve known better.  You think tongues wag in this small town now, you should’ve seen it then, when there were far fewer tongues and everyone knew everyone.  Tom probably hadn’t shot his spunk into me yet by the time Gene knew about it.
Be advised this book has mature content, coarse language, and scenes of strict BDSM punishment, not suitable for under 18+

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I have been a writer for a number of years, finally branching out into publishing. I grew up in Texas, where much of what I write happens. I’ve been a R/L dom for almost a quarter century now. I’ve always liked writing, entering new vistas my mind affords. Life makes us the men and women we are, and I often (changing names to protect not so much the innocent but the delightfully sinful) dip into my life’s experiences for the fiction I will be providing you.

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Josiah’s Love and Justice Volume I: Four Slaves
Josiah Bailey is a successful attorney married to Molly, a physician specializing in sports medicine.  But that’s what they do to earn their livings, but not quite what they are in deeper places within.  Josiah has found a rather unique niche for himself and his interests in BDSM.  He works as a beadle, paid to punish and train slaves belonging to others, whose owners have difficulty doing so.
Josiah’s Love and Justice Volume II: Bonding
As the story continues, the family expands.  Elaine comes in, injured, with her slaves Marvin and Beth, who have a most unhappy history with Darla.
Conflict arises, deep and profound, as the four become seven, and Josiah is left having to make a map into their future, to end the conflicts and bind them as family.
Jim Ford is a widower, turning to work where he used to turn to his wife and slave Colleen.  Until one day his old friend Corbin calls and, with his wife and slave Belinda, charges into his life.  The two need a huge favor from Jim, and in it, a huge gift for Jim …
♡☆(¸.•´Blind Date
Audrey meets Jack for a blind date, set up by mutual friends, they meet for lunch and attend a baseball game. The date is going well until a thoughtless comment by Audrey derails the date, and Jack calls it off. But Audrey has other ideas, because Jack might just be the man, and the master, she’s long sought.
✿¸.•´¸✿*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
Evelyn and Mark are a dominant and submissive living far from one another, able to see one another a few times yearly around their careers. Evelyn misbehaves and Mark sends her to a dominatrix for punishment, but Mark has a special surprise in store for his Evelyn …
Contains consensual scenes of graphic sex and BDSM, including bondage, whipping, and punishment.  If you’re into BDSM, bondage, whipping, and punishment, well … you’re in the right place!
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Filthy Desire, by Sebastian Ex – Sale! February 10-11 Only…

FILTHY DESIRE, by Sebastian Ex
ON SALE – 0.99 Cents*
*February 10-11 Only*
Get the book that started it all, and meet Matthew Weston
For Readers 18+ 
My name is Matthew Weston. Don’t call me anything else, because I won’t respond. And if you think you can get away with whimpering ‘Matt’ while I have you tied to the bed, about to devour you, it’ll end up being your loss.
Men like me don’t talk about feelings. We just don’t.
What men like me do is pound. I pound the asphalt with my running shoes on morning runs. I pound a punching bag in the gym until my knuckles bleed. And when I need a release, I find a beautiful woman sprawled out on her bed, eagerly waiting for my cock, and pound her into oblivion. Yeah, that’s me. I don’t have feelings, and I don’t do love.
At least I didn’t, until the night Ella walked into my office looking like a disgusting junky to interview for a position for The Onyx Club.
She was like no one I’d ever met before. She was timid, reserved, and quite plain with her mousy brown hair and dirty clothes. Ella also had a dark and haunted gleam in her eye. A secret, a past she was desperate to conceal.
And when she called me ‘Matt’ it didn’t seem to bother me.
She came into my life and turned it upside down. The only question is, can I screw her out of my system, or will my filthy desire for her keep her by my side?

Also Available in the Onyx Club Series…

 #1 Filthy Desire

 #2 Dangerous Desire

 #3 Carnal Desire

#4 Desired – the wrap-up novella

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Filthy Desire:

Dangerous Desire:

About Sebastian Ex

Sebastian Ex is a native of Sydney, Australia, having grown up in a tight-knit family mostly surrounded by women. A serial lover of the sheer beauty which is every woman, Sebastian was encouraged to pen his words when a lady friend of his compared some paragraphs from contemporary erotic novelists to his scorching, hot sexts. Now, Sebastian has released the first three books in the Onyx Club Series and is in the process of writing the third. Sebastian writes full-time, as he aims to bring characters to life, that are both real and identifiable.
The books in the Onyx Club Series have made Amazon top 100 list in erotic romance. Filthy Desire, Dangerous Desire, and Carnal Desire are available now. Meet Matthew Weston from Filthy Desire, Brandon Edwards from Dangerous Desire and Nathan Stone and enjoy their stories.