Release Blitz: Katarina Out of Control, by Morgan Malone

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Morgan Malone’s Release Day Blitz

 Katarina’s world spun out of control and she was left alone.
Can she avoid disaster again by holding on or is it time to let go? And if she does, who of her lovers will finally master her?
Katarina Galchinsky is alone. And that was not how she had
planned her life. At almost 40, she has a brilliant career, an expensive loft, and a beloved husband—who was stolen from her by the Iraqi War. Alone for almost ten years, Kat has controlled everything affecting her career as a partner in a top law firm, her family and her heart, so nothing bad can happen to her again. A seemingly platonic, but satisfying relationship with her old
law school buddy, Zachary, as well as a few close friends, have been all she’s needed. Until now.
 Sam, a controlling lawyer, begins Kat on her journey of submission—in the bedroom. Rick, a screenwriter and an Army vet introduces her to light bondage and more rough play at his beach house on the Jersey shore. Bradley is a brilliant yet wounded businessman who introduces a plethora of sex accessories, in a church. Will Kat find what she’s looking for in the arms of one of her lovers, or in the place she least expected?

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Morgan Malone is the pen name of a retired lawyer who turned in her judicial robes to write erotic romance and sexy memoirs. Morgan fell in love with romantic heroes after reading her mother’s first edition of “Gone with the Wind” when she was 12 years old. Rhett Butler became the
standard by which she measured all men. Some have met the mark, most have
failed to even come close and one or two surpassed even Rhett’s dark and dangerous allure.
Morgan lives near Saratoga Springs, NY with her beloved chocolate Lab. She can be found on occasion drinking margaritas and dancing at local hostelries with The Posse, but look for her most often in independent bookstores and the library, searching for her next great love in tales of romance, history, adventure and lust. When she can’t find the perfect man, she hides out in her upstairs office and creates him, body and soul, for her pleasure and for yours. You can
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Release Blitz! Beautifully Unbroken, by D. Brittle











Title:  Beautifully Unbroken

Author:  D. M. Brittle

Release Date: Friday, November 28, 2014

Genre:  Erotic Romance (Sexual Situations, for readers 18+)

Formats: Paperback and Kindle

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All Jo Summers wants in her life is to be happy.  But her previous relationship led her to believe that happiness doesn’t exist without pain. Building a wall around herself, she refuses to let any man get close enough to break her down; that is, until Blake Mackenzie walks into her life. She is drawn to him immediately and finds him too hard to resist even though she knows she should.

When Blake finds out about Jo’s past, he makes it his mission to fix her and prove that happiness does exist without pain. Their journey isn’t without struggle, however, as Jo tries to walk away time and time again. But eventually she learns that it’s finally time to stop running and face her fears head-on.

**Reader Advisory: Sexual Content**

About the Author



Author Donna BrittleD. M. Brittle has always been a true believer in love at first sight, fairy-tales and happy ever afters. Although they don’t always exist in real life, she believes that there is no better way to get lost in those fantasies than in a good book. When Donna isn’t writing she is working part-time while looking out for her two princesses and being a good wife to her husband of 14 years.

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Twitter (@DMBrittleAuthor)



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Author Spotlight: G. G. Carver


Erotic romance author GG Carver is under the spotlight this week, with a special feature on his debut novel, Whiter Than White.

Whiter Than White has 69 reviews on, with an overall rating of 4.8/5.0, and 143 ratings (92 reviews) on Goodreads, with an overall rating of 4.57. Let’s find out why & how to buy.


Life is a rat race, and Elena White is stuck on the treadmill. She’s been living on autopilot, a slave to the 9-to-5 routine, until a chance meeting with an old school friend serves as the catalyst that changes Elena’s life in a way she could have never imagined.

Dazzled by her friend’s self-assured confidence, Elena makes an innocent attempt to break from the monotony, and the repercussions send her on a rollercoaster of emotions, smashing predictability to pieces, leaving her life anything but predictable.



Elena didn’t really want to go, but she couldn’t stay while his wife was there. Maybe a friend or someone would come and take her home. Then they could enjoy the rest of the afternoon together.

She gnawed away at her nails, knowing that was highly unlikely. Why had he told his wife he was on his own at the house? If they’d been separated for a few months, then okay, but after a year and a half? Wasn’t it time to move on for both of them? Or was that just wishful thinking?

Elena sat there for fifteen minutes, which felt like two hours, running through all the different scenarios, letting her imagination run wild with a barrage of what-ifs.

She heard the creaky floorboards outside the door, someone was coming. Elena shot up off the bed, her heart pounding. She braced herself for another confrontation.

The handle turned, and Conrad popped his head around the door. A sigh of relief left Elena’s lips.

“Here you are. I was beginning to think you were trying to walk home.” He came in and closed the door behind him.

“Has she gone?’

Conrad shook his head. Her hopes were dashed.

“So lunch is on hold then?’” She wasn’t completely giving in.

“Elena . . .” He broke eye contact, choosing to look at the carpet instead. “I . . . erm . . .”

“You want me to go.” She helped him along with the words.

“I can’t send her home in a taxi in that state. I’m going to have to take her myself. I’m sorry. I didn’t know she was going to turn up. She hasn’t been here for weeks.”


“It’s okay, I understand.”  Elena gave her best performance.

“I’m so sorry, Elena. Olivia didn’t mean what she said.”

Oh yes, she did.

“Come downstairs. She’s spark out on the sofa in the drawing room.”

Elena headed back down the stairs with Conrad behind her. The welcoming feel of the house had been changed to one of intimidation. She went back into the kitchen and sat at the table where they had breakfast. He made her a cup of tea and said the taxi should be there within the hour.

Conrad, sipping his coffee, kept his distance and leaned against the worktop. The embarrassment of the situation had starved them both of conversation. Time passed unbearably slowly, and Elena feared his wife’s angry return at any moment and looked nervously towards the closed door every few minutes. She hung on to her empty teacup, pretending to drink from it, not knowing what else to do, while Conrad tided, moving things around unnecessarily.

“Have you got a busy week coming up?” It was the only thing that sprang to mind, just to break the silence.

“I have. I’ve got to go to Scotland towards the end of the week for a couple of days”

“Oh yeah, the new gym. Is it all going as planned?”
“Well, I wouldn’t say as planned. How about you?”

“Nothing exciting. Just work as usual.”

The trivial conversation was halted by a knock at the door. She jumped off the stool and straightened her dress.

“Right, that’s me then.” Her impending exit seemed to intensify the awkwardness between them.

“Yeah. Have you got everything?”

“I think so.”

They walked in silence to the front door. Elena was desperately hoping he would say something, anything that would give her some hope. Would she see him again, or was this it?

They stood at the front door, and Elena had decided that rather than torture herself, she was going to ask him. She hesitated as he reached over her shoulder to open the door.

Ask him!


Reviewers Comments: Whiter Than White

“Excellent first book! I am just giddy after reading this book. I couldn’t tell where the story was going, which was very refreshing. I found myself thinking, how are the characters going to be wrapped up? Great villain. Awesome hero in Conrad, amazing, sweet, sexy as sin…Elena, a girl you’d be friends with. She’s strong, sweet and a bit cheeky.”

“It captivated me from the start. Very well written story line that makes you keep going until you get to the last page. Conrad is every women’s dream and all you want to do is wrap yourself up with this book!!! GG Carver delivers an erotic romance you won’t want to put down.”

“I was delighted and honoured to receive an ARC of Whiter Than White, G G Carvers debut novel. The beginning had me intrigued and I was surprised where the story took me. It had a plot that was quite unexpected (a good unexpected), it was funny/witty and it was sexy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Well done G G!”

About G. G. Carver

Born in the heart of England to two devoted parents he enjoyed a happy, loving childhood. Not long after completing his further education he set off on a worldwide adventure visiting various places around the globe, but it was New Zealand that stole his heart. It was here that he discovered his creative side with amateur dramatics, and he made several brief appearances in national soap operas.

After 5 years he returned to England and discovered his passion for writing. He wrote several unpublished children’s books, but had a vision for a book that would take him on an exciting journey.

He also lives with his close companion Carver Jnr his cuddly pup that features in many of his humorous Facebook updates. He enjoys keeping fit, long walks in the fresh air and spending time with close family and friends.

Connect with GG on Social Media:

Twitter  (@GGCarver)

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What’s next for GG Carver?  You’re in luck! A new release!

Stay tuned for the cover reveal and ‘preview’ for Lucky Numbers, December 7, 2014!

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