Dreamweaver Trail, by Emily March: 5 Shocking Stars


Series: Eternity Springs, #8 (each book may be read as a standalone)

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Inspirational Romance, Romantic-Suspense


After another lonely Valentine’s Day, Gabi Romano trades mountain snowfall for sunshine and sand at a luxurious Caribbean getaway. There she discovers a hidden talent for creating fine art glass. She also meets Flynn Brogan, the sexy caretaker next door who brings her fantasies to life. But when violence interrupts their romantic interlude, she learns that Flynn is living a lie. Heartsick, she decides to concentrate on her craft. Playing with fire is safer than loving a man like Flynn.

Flynn is determined to make things right with Gabi—until his enemies interfere. Now damaged and driven by a need he cannot define, he seeks out Gabi’s Colorado community, hoping for reconciliation and some peace. But he never imagined a place like Eternity Springs, where lives are changed, second chances are given, and the possibility exists for two wounded souls to find their way home . . . to each other.


I am not often rendered speechless – as those who know me are well aware. However, of all of the wonderful books I’ve read thus far in the Eternity Springs series, Dreamweaver Trail has had the greatest emotional impact on me. Two hours after I finished it, I was still awake, turning the story over in my mind, thinking of the shocking twists and turns I never saw coming. I laughed, I cried (four times), and I was absolutely terrified twice in the course of this amazing story.

Flynn Brogan is a man trying to start a new life, a private life, out from under the intense pain and publicly humiliating scrutiny of his past. He divests himself of nearly everything that connects him to his old life, and escapes to a tropical island to take stock of his future – and take refuge from the relentless paparazzi. There he meets Gabriella Romano, a beautiful, courageous, charismatic woman who has come to the same island in search of meaning – to find the passion she lost after a traumatic event in Eternity Springs.

The chemistry is initially wary, but ultimately overpowering and they fall under each other’s spell. Their passion is palpable. They are truly living the dream … until … it all falls apart in the worst possible way. In a heartbeat, they are thrust into a violent confrontation that will change them both. And it only gets worse before it gets better.

Fortunately, they end up — separately — in Eternity Springs, hiding from what happened and hiding from each other. Lost, confused, hurting, and yearning for the dream they shared oh-so-briefly, the healing power of Eternity Springs works its magic. It’s a tough road – Flynn has been badly damaged, nearly beyond repair. Only the strength of a woman with a warrior’s heart can tear down the walls and allow him to truly live again.

I can’t say enough about the power of this book and the talent of its author. If you haven’t started this series, or if you haven’t read this particular novel from it, do not wait another day.


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Nightingale Way, by Emily March: Romance, Suspense, Mystery and More

Social media size banner featuring a photo of a nightingale and the cover of Nightingale Way, a contemporary romance novel by Emily March

Eternity Springs is a magical place where hearts come to heal–with a little help.

As Emily March’s beloved series continues, a broken marriage finds new wings to fly.

Title: Nightingale Way

Author:  Emily March

Series: Eternity Springs (may also be read as a standalone)

Genre: Contemporary adult romance, Second Chance Romance, Romantic Suspense


Nightingale WayDark, brooding Jack Davenport hides his secrets well, never telling his wife about the dangers of his job, never sharing his thoughts or worries . . . never sharing himself. After tragedy strikes, their marriage shatters. Now a threat to Catherine Blackburn’s life brings her back into his–and gives them a second chance.
A reporter whose most recent investigation has ignited a national controversy and put her in harm’s way, Cat thinks she can handle herself. So when Jack grabs her off the street and sweeps her to his home above Eternity Springs, she’s furious.
In the warm sanctuary of the Eternity Springs community, Jack and Cat face the heartache that drove them apart. But can they find the courage to pick up the pieces of a shattered love?

Includes a preview of Emily March’s next Eternity Springs novel, “Reflection Point”



Bald eagle in flight, representing a scene from Nightingale Way, by Emily MarchFeeling better about the world than she had in weeks, Cat relaxed. She dozed for a bit, then awoke slowly, soaking in the sun and drinking in the sound of water crashing over stones, and the comfort of the small dog resting beside her. This was a little piece of paradise, wasn’t it?

When a yellow butterfly danced across the air above her, she watched it until something higher in the sky caught her notice.

The bird was huge, with a wingspan of at least six feet as it soared and circled above the valley. Cat sat up and shielded her eyes with her hand, watching the bird’s majestic presence. Was that an eagle? She wasn’t sure. She’d never seen an eagle in the wild, but since Jack had told her his estate was named Eagle’s Way, she wouldn’t be surprised.

As she watched, the bird suddenly turned and dived toward the ground. As he came closer, she saw the familiar bald head and decided that yes, he had to be an eagle. How cool was this?

He swooped down upon the meadow and she heard a cry, then he rose with his prey – a rabbit – wiggling in his talons. Cat gave a little shudder, and murmured to Peanut, “I’d better keep a close eye on you whenever we’re outside.”

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Photo of a man's hands holding a fly-fishing rod, representing a scene from Nightingale Way, by author Emily MarchShe turned her attention back to the water, and that’s when she saw him. Jack stood downstream some fifty yards or so with a fly rod in his hands. She watched him work the line with a fluid, artistic grace, and an old, familiar yearning washed through her.

Those hands. Those talented hands. They’d made her body sing like none before and none since.

Suddenly he yanked back on the rod. Color flashed on the surface of the stream as he reeled the rainbow trout in. Once he had the wriggling fish gripped securely in his hand, he looked her way. The predatory triumph in his eyes brought the eagle to mind.

A frisson of apprehension skittered up Cat’s spine. This might be her opportunity, but she was in his territory. She’d best keep watch on more than the sky while she was in Eagle’s Way.

About Emily March


Emily March is the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels, including the critically acclaimed Eternity Springs series. Publishers Weekly calls March a “master of delightful banter,” and her heartwarming, emotionally charged stories have been named to Best of the Year lists by Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Romance Writers of America. A graduate of Texas A&M University, Emily is an avid fan of Aggie sports and her recipe for jalapeño relish has made her a tailgating legend.

Pseudonym(s): Geralyn Dawson

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Praise for the Eternity Springs Series…

“For a wonderful read, don’t miss a visit to Eternity Springs.”Lisa Kleypas

“With passion, romance, and revealing moments that will touch your heart, [Emily March] takes readers on an unhurried journey where past mistakes are redeemed and a more beautiful future is forged–one miracle at a time.”USA Today

The Eternity Springs book collection - Emily March, author

Two New Reviews, from The Eternity Springs Series by Emily March

The Eternity Springs book collection - Emily March, author

Heartache Falls (Eternity Springs, #3)Heartache Falls by Emily March

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Heartache Falls differs from other books I’ve read in the Eternity Springs series. It is an excellent story, exceptionally well-written, as I’ve found with everything Emily March releases. It’s harder to read, in some respects, because it deals with an especially painful issue – the consequences of repressing anger, building resentment, and feeling unappreciated as husband and wife in what once was a passionate and successful marriage. It explores the impact of these consequences to others who get caught up in the aftermath of separation – the children, family members, co-workers and friends. It exposes long-hidden guilt, secrets, mistaken assumptions, and lies. It’s a challenge to see Ali and Mac suffer, both as individuals and as parents of grown children. Because of this, there is no doubt that it will hit close to home for many readers.

Fortunately, as always, Emily finds the treasure in what remains, and the transformation that results makes for a very relatable, hopeful and satisfying reading experience. I especially appreciate that Emily’s characters are not stereotypes – they feel as real as your own close friends; and in this case, it’s not about the young and hopeful, or the young and damaged – it’s about mature adults and the choices they have to make in mid-life.

As I write this review, I am reminded of a quote: “Don’t write the story you think people want to read; write the story you need to tell.” This is a story well worth telling and well worth reading. It’s another example of the power of words in the hands of a talented author. I am nearly halfway through the series and enjoying every story of the citizens of Eternity Springs, Colorado – a place where broken hearts find healing.

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Lover's Leap (Eternity Springs, #4)Lover’s Leap by Emily March

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lover’s Leap is yet another wonderful story with beautifully developed, complex and deeply relatable characters; a believable premise; and “all the feels” a reader wants and needs to experience in a favorite book; the depth of emotion that keeps them coming back for more.

This is definitely my personal favorite – so far – in the Eternity Springs series. I felt the struggle of each of the principal characters: Cam, Sarah, Lori and Devin, all being forced to confront feelings and take the risks of opening their hearts to each other. For Cam and Sarah, a couple with such a painful history, the highs and lows are extreme. For their children, the idea of becoming a “family” after so many empty years have passed is staggering, especially for Lori, a headstrong, stubborn young woman who is understandably reluctant to trust the father she’s never known. The confrontations are painfully real. The issues are familiar to those who have tried to blend a family after years of independence. The fear in each character is palpable; the passion between Sarah and Cam is breath-taking, but tempered by the issues that separated them, and kept them apart for far too long. Cam and Sarah have demons that have to be faced, and forgiveness that has to be offered and accepted, before they can become the people they are meant to be.

But this is Eternity Springs. It’s a community on a mission to heal broken hearts and broken lives. Friends are like family, strangers become friends, and even the most reluctant souls are mended. We all need a place – and people – like that in our lives. A shelter, a refuge, a place of unconditional acceptance and support. This is what we all yearn for, and the reason readers adore this series.

Don’t miss this wonderful story.

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