It’s Author’s Day, a Perfect Time for a Tribute to Some of My Favorites

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Thank you, Authors!

November 1st is Author’s Day – it’s time to take a moment to stop reading and thank those who enrich my life with your words.

You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me cry, you’ve made me feel, and think, and dream. You’ve brightened my days and warmed my nights (some of you perhaps a bit more than others…but – to quote a friend and his main character – “…I digress.”)

I’m never alone when I pick up a book – I’m surrounded by characters I’ve come to love, and the promise of new ones I’ve yet to meet. I’m drawn into a world not my own – a compelling story that takes me to places I can only imagine, as seen through the eyes of your wonderful heroes and heroines.

This is the magic you create, with a lot of very hard work, imagination, passion and a gift for writing that is wholly unique to you ~ your vision and your voice. You carry on a tradition of storytelling that is as old as human history…but is made new again with every word you write.  Your work and your words have changed my life, and you are appreciated much more than I can ever express.

My personal “Gallery of Greatness”

Everyone has their own list of favorite authors, for different reasons. There are many great authors out there that I haven’t met, and haven’t read, so next year, no doubt, there will be some additions. For today, here are those that have inspired me in the past year or so.

International Best-Sellers

Deborah Harkness ~ The All Souls Trilogy ~

I re-discovered the joy of reading as soon as I read the back cover and decided to buy A Discovery of Witches. This is a series that profoundly changed my life, by one of the kindest, most authentic authors I’ve had the pleasure to meet. These are books I will read over and over again for the rest of my life.  Matthew Clairmont and Diana Bishop are two of the best, most powerful, most passionate characters in contemporary fiction…and every character in the trilogy is simply unforgettable.

photographs of the US covers for the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness

Sylvain Reynard ~ The Gabriel Series ~

Sylvain Reynard’s writing has a lyrical quality that draws you in and keeps you spellbound. I was so moved by the first few chapters of Gabriel’s Inferno that I stopped to email Sylvain in absolute awe of the story unfolding before me. He answered the email – and I was hooked.  Raw emotion, intense passion, coupled with a subtle sense of snarky humor keeps his characters powerfully real and completely unique.  Thank goodness, a new series begins early in 2015 with a transitional novella, The Prince, and continues with The Raven, book 1 of the Florentine Series. I can’t wait.

photograph collage of the book covers from the Gabriel Trilogy by Sylvain Reynard
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 E. L. James – the Fifty ShadesTrilogy ~

Erika James has changed more than a few lives with the story of Christian Grey and Ana Steele. She went from a fan fiction writer to a pop culture phenomenon in a matter of months, and the frenzy continues – fans of Christian Grey (including yours truly) are counting the days until it premiers on the big screen. Say what you will, this author opened a door for erotica to move from the back shelves to the mainstream, paving the way for thousands of new stories and authors to emerge.

Poster advertising the Fifty Shades of Grey movie with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

Sylvia Day ~ The Crossfire Series ~  

One word, one name, one character: Gideon Cross.  Intensely raw. Frighteningly possessive. Incredibly broken. Powerful. Erotic. Suspenseful.  What more can a girl ask for?  In less than a week, my Kindle will be tingling with Captivated by You. I know I will be captivated. With Gideon, there’s no other choice.

Photo of the cover of Captivated by You, an erotic romance novel by Sylvia Day

 Christina Lauren ~ Beautiful Bastards and Wild Seasons ~

These two women are the dynamic duo of eroticism coupled with humor and a healthy dose of sass. All your favorite bad boys are here.  I loved the Beautiful Bastard books, and am having a wonderful time reading their latest series, The Wild Seasons.  Call it a guilty pleasure – pleasure being the operative word.

Photo collage of the books of the Beautiful Bastard Series by Christina Lauren
Image Credit: The Book Reader Chronicles

Emma Chase ~ The Tangled Series ~

I recently reviewed the conclusion of this wonderful series, reluctantly saying goodbye to one of the most charming and crazy couples in contemporary erotic fiction.  Emma’s had us Tangled, Twisted, Tamed and Tied, with the addition of Holy Frigging Matrimony as an ultimate teaser. She truly captures the male POV, giving us a hilarious look at ‘the male inner dialogue’ – but balances the humor with heat and heart. This is another series I will read over and over – the colorful cast of characters, the humor, the tenderness, and the sex….oh, yes, the sex.  I hope to read much more of Emma Chase in a future series, but until then, I’ll just hang out with Drew and the gang and reminisce.

A photo collage of books from the Tangled Series by Emma Chase

 Meredith Wild ~ The Hacker Series and On My Knees ~

Powerful characters, powerful emotions, breath-taking eroticism and so much more. Meredith is one of a handful of authors that makes me one-click the preorder button as soon as the link goes live.  I’ve loved every one of her books, and I will grieve (for a short time) when the Hacker Series ends, as I have when every series I love comes to its conclusion. But based on the incredible story, On My Knees, Meredith has many more treats in store for her fans and future readers.

Photo collage of book covers from the Hacker Series and the Bridge Series by Meredith Wild

Indie Authors and Friends (in alphabetical order…)

Everyone knows I hold a special place in my heart for self-published authors, and am honored to call many of them my friends. (You know who you are and what you mean to me.) Thanks to you, I’ve witnessed, first-hand, the sacrifices required to take a risk and realize your dreams. I’ve also experienced the joy of reading, reviewing, and promoting some of the best books in contemporary fiction. I’ve been inspired by each of you in a unique way and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be part of your writing journey.

I hope someday to join this hard-working, dedicated community with a book of my own (it’s underway, but a long way from publication). In the meantime, my driving passion – the one that makes the grind of real life entirely worthwhile –  is supporting, encouraging, promoting and celebrating self-published authors at every opportunity.  For more information about what that truly means, visit my business blog, Paula’s Passionate Promotions, (Author Services Page).

 A J Linn ~ The Gentleman’s Series ~

I discovered AJ on Twitter, during my fanatical Fifty Shades phase, and became hooked on his blog,  I give him credit for inspiring me to write and post my first book review on Amazon, for his debut novel, A Gentleman’s Affair. Being a member of “Team Fifty” for awhile in 2013 gave me my first glimpse of the indie author world, and my passion for promoting self-published authors soon followed. This blog wouldn’t exist without his influence and encouragement. AJ’s writing style is natural, clean crisp, “fresh” in every sense of the word – it has a “raw male quality” – an erotic edge – that is completely unique. If you haven’t met Donovan Hart – it’s time.

Photo depiction of the Gentleman's Series trilogy by AJ Linn

 Cameron Lincoln ~ Writer. Poet. Gentleman.

A photo image used by author Cameron Lincoln on his web site
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Cameron is an acclaimed blogger, the friend of a dear friend, and the author of two sexy favorites, Mine, Body and Soul, and Perfect Pleasures.  His sensual poetry and prose is perfect for curling up with a glass of red wine on a chilly evening — truly a treat for the senses.  Cameron has an avid following on Facebook and Twitter as well as a Blog and a Website. He is a man of many talents…and always a gentleman.

Edward A. Stanbridge ~ Captive in the Storm

 Photo image of author Edward A Stanbridge

Edward is another charming, drop-dead sexy gentleman author and blogger,  another dear friend of a dear friend with a gift for writing stunningly erotic fantasies. Currently published in blog installments, every chapter of Captive in the Storm is an adrenaline rush, a guilty pleasure of the best kind. I hope to see it as a novel in the future…but you can read it today on his blogspot site. Prepare to be Captive-ated.

Jake Malden ~ Gentleman. Scholar. Rogue. ~

If you can imagine it, Jake has written about it. If you haven’t imagined it yet – you will, when you read Jake’s alpha-male-driven, uber-erotic stories.  I can’t even begin to list favorites, because they change with my mood, but he has a stunning collection you can discover on his Amazon Author Page.  His novel, The Tempting of Neely J, is a wonderful place to begin, but if you like your bad boys really, really bad, download his latest collection, The Gavin McClain Stories, Volume 1.  Gavin might be bad to the core, but as the cover says…his stories are tantalisingly good.

Photo of the cover of The Gavin McClain Stories, volume 1, by Jake Malden, author

Kuhl Waters ~ Erotic Romance Author from Down Under…(pun intended)

Photo depiction of the avatar for Kuhl Waters, erotic romance author

I was fortunate to get to know Kuhl during a recent takeover and am delighted to call him a friend. ‘Kuhl’s Kinksters,’ – the ladies on his Facebook street team – are some of the most devoted fans I’ve seen on social media.  Kuhl’s specialty is the intricate weaving of romantic intimacy, fantasy, passion and eroticism in poetry and prose. That sense of deep intimacy and loving affection clearly distinguishes Kuhl from other authors who explore the dynamics of the D/s relationship. Follow Kuhl and find out about his latest release, To Meet Her Needs, on his website…prepare to be breathless.

 Liv Morris ~ The Touch of Tantra Series ~

Liv recently released the series as a collection…it should NOT be missed. I’d like to say I fell in love with the sexy alpha-male Adam Kingsley on page 1 of Adam’s Apple, book 1 of the Touch of Tantra series (Adam’s Apple, Temptation, and Adam’s Fall). That would be a lie, because at first introduction, Adam Kingsley is an over-sexed, self-absorbed, self-serving jerk. That’s where the magic begins. He meets Kathryn Delcour, a beautiful young widow, a gutsy heroine, and a highly skilled tutor in the tantric arts. What follows is an incredible trilogy, primarily told from Adam’s POV.  I believe I set a personal best speed-reading record because I simply could not put this trilogy down. In the end, you can’t help but fall in love with Adam as you watch Kathryn rock him to his core.

Photo of the boxed set of the Touch of Tantra book series, by erotic romance author Liv Morris

Rebecca Sherwin ~ Second Chance Hero (Seaside Series) and Survival (Twisted Series)

Rebecca is a passionate, funny, talented young author with a bright future ahead. She is one of my dearest friends and I’m proud to be her publicist/PA. Rebecca re-defines the concept of a happy-ever-after in book 1 of the Twisted Series, Survival. Not every ‘happy’ results in an ‘ever-after’, and the twists and turns in Survival will make your head spin — but it’s a journey well worth taking. Two of its compelling characters, Skye and Curtis, continue their stories in Book 2, Revival, set for release near the end of the year. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Revival-Curtis-Stalking Her Quote_Fotor

Riley Mackensie ~ Beautifully Awake, and Beautifully Done

Like Christina Lauren, Riley Mackensie is the name of a dynamic duo of writers who have quickly become two of my favorite contemporary romance authors.  Powerful characters, complex family dynamics, joy, heartbreak, humor, heart-stopping suspense and breath-taking eroticism combine with compelling storylines to make a deeply emotional reading experience that will leave you wanting — no, craving — more. Discover the books and their author(s) on their Amazon Author Page.

50shadesofgreysanatomy copyPhoto with teaser quote from Beautifully Done by Riley Mackenzie

Sydney Jamesson ~ The Story of Us Trilogy ~

I’ve written many posts about this wonderful series and its author, Sydney Jamesson.  My friendship and professional relationship with Sydney is something I’ve treasured for well over a year, and watching this series unfold is among the peak experiences of my literary life. As I’ve detailed in so many blog posts, this series is truly unique, defining a new type of 21st century fairy tale, blending elements of romance, eroticism, suspense – even the paranormal – in a breath-taking tale of infinite love and ultimate sacrifice.  I look forward to reading whatever Sydney publishes in the future, because I know it will be thoughtfully researched, deeply passionate and genuinely one-of-a-kind.

TSOU Collage

Tracie Podger ~ The Fallen Angel Series ~

Where do I begin? I met Tracie when I had an opportunity to join the tour for Fallen Angel, Book 2 and review her first two novels.  I was ensnared by the enigmatic, powerful, seductive survivor, Robert Stone, from the moment he appeared behind Brooke Stiles in that office break room in Washington, DC – the moment where their lives intersected – that defining moment when each knows their lives will never be the same. What a ride it’s been since.  Tracie has become a very dear friend – a partner and colleague – and, not unlike Robert and Brooke, I think our lives have been changed  – separately and together – by this series.  Tracie has a limitless imagination, amazing energy, passion and authenticity.  We’ve laughed our way through tours and takeovers, and next year – the gods be willing – we’ll be taking the signing circuit in the UK by storm.  In the meantime…Fallen Angel 1 and 2, Evelyn, and Robert are drawing new, devoted fans by the day; Fallen Angel 3 will join them in December; then Travis – wonderful, sexy, charming Travis – will have his own story. After that? No spoilers. Just watch, wait and prepare to be amazed.

Photo depiction of books and scenes from the Fallen Angel Series by Tracie Podger

So many books, so little time…and there are thousands more waiting to be discovered, read and written. Thanks, authors, for bringing so much joy to so many. Happy Author’s Day.

Hot Summer News ~ Fifty Shades and More…

Movie Poster for Fifty Shades of Grey, based on the erotic romance novel by author E.L.James

This week’s “big reveal” of the movie trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey has set social media on fire (and caused more than a few incidents of spontaneous combustion among FSOG fans worldwide)!  This inspired me to write a few posts for the weekend about current and coming attractions for Passionate Readers – those who have read Fifty Shades of Grey and are waiting for (or haven’t yet discovered) their next “big thing”.

The Inspiration (Official FSOG Worldwide Trailer from Universal Pictures)

The Suggestion ~

Of course, between now and February 15, 2015, hundreds of thousands of women around the world will re-read the FSOG trilogy – probably more than once. I know that’s MY plan. But in the meantime, while you wait for Mr. Grey to hit the big screen, I suggest you check out the one and only Ayden Stone, the playboy-turned-prince-charming, devastatingly handsome and seductive hero in The Story of Us trilogy by Sydney Jamesson.

Photo depiction of Christian Grey, portrayed by actor Jamie Dornan; and Ayden Stone, portrayed by Henry Cavill

Turn your Grey day into a “Play” day!

If you love to play with Mr. Grey – you’ll love Mr. Stone in

TouchStone for play, by indie author Sydney Jamesson

If you like your “play” sensually ‘masterful’ with a Touch of Grey…

Try TouchStone TODAY with One-Click (just click on the cover)!

Print version from

Kindle/Kindle app version from

Tomorrow – Check Curl Up and Read for “Coming Attractions” (pun intended)  

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