Suicide Ride , by E. Llewellyn – A Must-Read M/M Epic Series by E. Llewellyn

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Introducing The Suicide Ride Series, by E. Llewellyn

Author E. Llewellyn has TWO stories … the first is fictional – the epic Suicide Series, a M/M Hollywood-based action-suspense-romance; the other is non-fiction, tragic, and personal – the loss of her husband to CJD, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, at age 55. Both stories are remarkable in their own way. Read on to discover this spectacular series and its amazing author.

Book 1: The Platinum Man

The road to Hell is paved with Platinum
And Norman Dimond is dying to Ride.

“You, my big beautiful butch boy, are a platinum man, to the core.” ~ Norman Dimond

An older man with no future and nothing to live for …
A younger man with a past and a death wish …
Two lives about to collide in a SUICIDE RIDE.

SuicideRide-Platinum ManNorman Dimond is used to getting his way—with men and women. A charismatically sexy semi-retired music mogul, he’s got time on his hands. And what hands they are! Hands that know how to tease, please, and drive a lover to his knees.

Then comes Gellis—Johnny, to be exact: the most beautiful man Norman Dimond has ever laid eyes on. From head to toe, this big bad boy measures midway between six feet and seven—and every last delectable inch is Daddy Dimond’s dream of heaven. Never mind his tired, sore eyes: all he wants to do is lay his huge, rock-hard hands on this fantasy-man’s hot-rod bod. But …

Johnny “Cock Rock” Gellis is straight—adamantly so. And this beaut of a brute takes orders from no man. What’s a desperate, hard-up, lovesick Daddy to do?

Who’s your Daddy now?

Excerpt  from The Platinum Man…

Crawling back over him into bed, he cuddled up again. “What’s the C stand for—Cock?”

Johnny was too spent to joke. “Caillen.”

Norman repeated the name. “I like that,” he purled, worshiping in the gilded tabernacle of his ear. “Johnathan Caillen Gellis. That’s pretty and rare, like its namesake.”

Johnathan Caillen Gellis brushed the hair out of his eyes. Norman David Dimond helped him by stroking it. “What are the pills for? Are they tranqs?”

He pecked his wooden head. “Benzodiazepines. Downers. Like Valium.”

“Valium I know. What are you taking ‘em for? Or do I need to ask?”

This son of a doctor wiped under his dry eye. “Isn’t it obvious?”

His sigh trilled. “I’m fucked up, Norman. I mean it. You don’t wanna get too close. I’m bad news.”

That, Norman would not hear. “Too late now, baby—I’m hooked. From now on, I’m on this ass like white on rice. Yes, sir!”

Once more, he cupped his butt cheek. “I’m sticking to this, baby. I’m sticking so close you’re gonna think I’m your goddamned five-o’clock shadow. No way I’m letting go of this sweet ass—and I’m damn sure not about to let anybody else grab hold.”

Rolling him over, he stared into his swamp-black eyes, his own sky-blue ones kindling.

“You got a problem? We’ll fix it. That’s what I am: I’m your Mr. Fix-It, I’m your Daddy. You need a doctor? We’ll get you a doctor. Your real daddy can go to Hell, for all I care. Whatever you need, I got—and if I don’t, by God, I’ll fucking move heaven and earth to get it—you can count on that.”

This time he grabbed his basket. “Anything to keep this giant junk in my bed.”

~ © E. Llewellyn, from SUICIDE RIDE: The Platinum Man, Second Edition, 2014

Two’s company; three’s allowed! Crawl in bed with Norman and Johnny. Get your jollies here…

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Teaser from Suicide Ride

Book 2:  The Fix

“You got a problem? We’ll fix it. That’s what I am: I’m your Mr. Fix-It, I’m your Daddy. You need a doctor? We’ll get you a doctor. Your real daddy can go to Hell, for all I care. Whatever you need, I got—and if I don’t, by God, I’ll fucking move heaven and earth to get it. You can count on that.” This time he grabbed his basket. “Anything to keep this giant junk in my bed.” ~ Norman Dimond

Book Cover Photo - The Fix, by E. Llewellyn

Johnny Gellis is Hell on wheels. Straight, obscenely beautiful, and musically gifted, he’s made a shambles of his life in Atlanta and has landed in L.A., where he hopes to make a fresh start in the music business.

There, he’s met the charismatically sexy alpha-Dom Norman Dimond, a mostly gay, semi-retired record label owner. In spite of some initial antagonism, the two have managed to hit it off. Dimond desperately wants to sign him to a record deal, but before he can, Gellis goes to pieces in his hands.

By now, the haughty and aloof Norman Dimond has fallen hopelessly, lopsidedly, in love. But Johnny Gellis is hiding something, running from a past so dark even he isn’t fully in touch with its peaty, macabre underbelly. Norman’s one great task is to fix him—to spin him away from the black web of Southern Gothic intrigue woven into his DNA long before he was born. Beyond that, he must school him in the byzantine art of homoerotic love: daunting tasks all.

But if Norman isn’t up to the challenge, no mortal man is. What Johnny lacks in homosexual inclination, Daddy more than makes up for in love—and determination.

Find out what secrets lie buried in the spook yard of Johnny’s past—and whether Norman can save his foundling’s soul. Will his unconditional love be enough to bring this lost boy home? And will it win his heart? And where his heart goes, can his body follow?

Excerpt from The Fix

“The door to their bedroom was open. From the hallway, he watched Johnny tossing the few clothes he had come here with—mostly blue jeans, tee-shirts, polo shirts, and button-downs—into his old leather suitcase, flung open on the mattress. Still naked, he strutted back and forth between the closet and bed, completely uninhibited with his marvelous body. Indeed, he had no reason to be self-conscious. He had no visible imperfections to be ashamed of, no folds or love handles to hide. His flaws—his wounds, his scars—were all of a more secreted nature. This knowledge nearly ate Norman’s heart out. All he had ever wanted to do was salve this beautiful boy’s hurt, running places with his tongue. Now it looked like he was never going to get inside Johnny Gellis again.”

Will Johnny let Norman in? Find out in Book 3 of the #SuicideRide series, The Hit, coming in 2016. Get up to speed now!

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About E. Llewellyn

Photo of author E. LlewellynE. LLEWELLYN is an essayist, poet, and writer of literary criticism and fiction. She is the author of the epic multi-volume Hollywood-based rock ‘n roll series, SUICIDE RIDE, comprised thus far of The Platinum Man and The Fix. The third volume, The Hit, is coming soon. Further additions to the series will follow in 2016 and beyond.

Affectionately known to her fans as “Elle,” her next project will be a nonfiction memoir entitled I Don’t Know My Name: The True Story of L Todd Pittman and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, dedicated to her late, beloved husband, a successful international business executive who succumbed on March 19, 2015 at the age of fifty-five to CJD, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Elle wishes to express her undying gratitude to the world-renowned experts at the National Prion Clinic in London, England (; the National CJD Research and Surveillance Unit in Edinburgh, Scotland (; and the incredible caregivers at the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice ( in Farnham, Surrey, who nursed both Todd and Elle through his last days with saintly empathy and compassion.

Like AIDS before it, CJD is a little-known but devastating fatal illness for which no treatment is currently available, only palliative care. Classified as a type of transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (, it is essentially an accelerated form of early-onset dementia that too often claims its victims within mere weeks of diagnosis.

While working in Berlin, Germany, on January 7, 2015, Todd experienced a brief episode of short-term memory loss, initially misdiagnosed as “harmless” Transient Global Amnesia. On February 20th, his condition deteriorated so rapidly within a single day, he had to be abruptly hospitalized on an emergency basis. Yet the diagnosis of CJD was not officially confirmed by the aforementioned experts until March the 6th. By the 19th of the month, being unable to eat, drink, speak, or move, Todd passed peacefully to paradise while cradled in his wife’s arms. Nicknamed “Smiley” as a child, he died with a radiant, beatific, teeth-baring grin on his blissful face. As Elle often remarks, “He came in smiling, and went out smiling.”

I Don’t Know My Name: The True Story of L Todd Pittman and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease will tell his extraordinary tale, chronicle his amazing achievements, and educate the general public about this most horrendous of dementias. His loving wife hopes the book will make CJD the AIDS of our era and encourage charitable contributions to fund the research desperately needed to develop life-prolonging treatments and eventually uncover a cure. Until that blessed day, she aspires to comfort and support the families of other victims of this illness, who can do little but watch in helpless horror as their stricken loved ones lose first their memories, then their capacities to speak, move, and even swallow—invariably within weeks or sometimes days. Unlike Alzheimer’s patients, they do not long linger with us for us to nurture and cherish throughout their slow, pitiful decline. Tragically, they die rapidly but torturously of starvation and dehydration, plunging those they leave behind into a deep state of inconsolable grief and debilitating shock.

Although the odds of contracting CJD are roughly 1 per 1 million, when it does strike, it’s a California wildfire: it razes everything and everyone in its path. Todd truly was one in a million.

For more information, please visit the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation webpage @

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Praise for the Suicide Ride Series

“What is someone supposed to say when they’ve read the best of a genre? Somehow ‘OMG! I LOVED IT!’ feels paltry and weak in comparison to how rich the experience was for me as a reader … SUICIDE RIDE is fiction unleashed. It is lyrical madness. This? This is not a book. This is literature.” ~ Shandra Torbett, Reviewer, This Redhead LOVES Books


“E. Llewellyn is a literary force to be reckoned with in this astonishing debut as a novelist. She does for Gay Literature what Kubrick did for cinema—redefines and elevates, and constantly undercuts your expectations of the genre, making believers out of blowhards. Unfettered, unflinching, bristling with emotion, she rocks your world. Turning the concept of the Bildungsroman on its head, this literary tour de force explores the nether regions of characters who live on the edge. These are the people your parents used to warn you about.” ~ Mark Peter Krasselt, author of Kubrick: Lessons of a Sentient

“E. Llewellyn does not want her thoughts and ideas to insinuate and suggest; she wants them to strike and batter our hearts … A soul alive cries here. Art can offer us nothing more passionate and spiritual than [the work] of E. Llewellyn. She knows how to ‘break, blow, burn’ us. She knows how to break and move our hearts and minds with sheer love and hate.” ~ Ricardo Mena, author of Ver, Begin

“Some debut novels are hard-hitting, balls-to-the-wall, no-holds-barred brilliance in action only for their successors to fall flat on their faces because how does anyone top what has already come before? If the author has already thrown it all out there, what else is there to give?

There was this hesitance in me to read SUICIDE RIDE: The Fix because all I could think was: there is no way this will be as good as the first one, SUICIDE RIDE: The Platinum Man.

I was wrong.

E. Llewellyn is one of those writers who can decimate all barriers of language to expose a rich, seedy underlayer of literature no one else has dared to tackle. She’s fearless. She’s fierce. Her work is a manic masterpiece of lush descriptions, rich, haunting characterizations where those who are depicted don’t have to be the good guys all the time! We, the readers, are allowed to see these characters have flaws! They are not simple ‘nice guys’ or ‘alphas’ who tell their ‘boys’ to get in line. They are men! Tough, rough, sexual, sensual men who don’t fit into the standard molds because this author doesn’t feel the need to pigeonhole her characters into generic boxes to satisfy a generic audience.

When I read these books, I don’t feel as if the author is pandering to a reader base to sell more copies; I feel as if I am strapped into the ride right beside her as we scream together, neither of us knowing if we’re going to live or die until it’s all over.

This series isn’t a book series for me. It’s an experience. It’s a breath-taking, eye-opening, thrilling experience which I feel unimaginably grateful to be able to take with the author and her cast of characters, which only gets more enticing as the series goes on.” ~ Shandra Torbett, Reviewer, This Redhead LOVES Books

What is someone supposed to say when they’ve read the best of a genre? Somehow ‘OMG! I LOVED IT!’ feels paltry and weak in comparison to how rich the experience was for me as a reader … SUICIDE RIDE is fiction unleashed. It is lyrical madness. This? This is not a book. This is literature.” ~ Shandra Torbett, Reviewer, This Redhead LOVES Books

“PHENOMENAL! Like nothing I’ve ever read: gritty, raw, crude, crass, and in your face.” ~ Robyn Roze, author of HellKat

“E. Llewellyn is the Quentin Tarantino of gay literary erotica: yet her fiction is anything but pulp.” ~ Todd Lawrence, Reviewer

“I was enthralled with Elizabeth Llewellyn’s first offering, SUICIDE RIDE: The Platinum Man. I didn’t think it could get any better. I was wrong. From the beginning of SUICIDE RIDE: The Fix, the reader is treated to the emotional turmoil of a man who knows what he wants and knows he can’t have it—at that moment anyway. We’re allowed inside Norman Dimond’s head, and what a head it is. Norman’s desire short circuits his common sense at every turn, and we see the beautiful culmination and subsequent ruination it creates through the eyes of a superb storyteller. I can smell their sweat, hear their groans, and feel their frustration with the turn of every page.” ~ Deanndra Hall, author of the Love Under Construction series

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