Review: A Gentleman’s Fate, by AJ Linn

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Title: A Gentleman’s Fate (Volume 4)

Series: The Gentleman’s Series

Author: AJ Linn

Genre: Romance

Release Date: June 22, 2015

Cover Design: Dancinee Jennings


The story continues for the handsome reformed Malibu playboy, Donovan Hart, in this, the fourth and final installment of A Gentleman’s Series. Donovan, a hotel and adult club owner, decided that it was time to file away his players card in search of the elusive one, in the first book in the series, A Gentleman’s Affair. He was certain that he had found that in interior designer, Scarlett Montgomery, but Scarlett had a past, and that past would soon threaten their perfect union. How far will he go to fight for his Unico Vero Amore?

Beware of unexpected twists and heartbreaking turns.

Just when you think you know what’s next, you will probably be wrong.

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WOW. Stunned. Speechless. Breathless. World Rocked…

It takes an extraordinary story – in every detail – to reduce me to monosyllables. But here I sit, having just finished A Gentleman’s Fate, and author AJ Linn has left me at a total loss for words. In A Gentleman’s Fate, the fourth and ‘final’ installment of the Gentleman’s Series, Donovan Hart’s relentless search to find and keep his unico vero amoré – his one true love – grabs you by the heartstrings and will not let you go.

If you’ve read the other three books in the series and think you know what to expect this time around – you should know better. Donovan’s story has been unpredictable from start to finish, and this time AJ Linn pulls out all the stops, delivering a series of twists and turns that will keep you guessing – literally on the edge of your seat – until the very end. When you think you can finally relax – don’t. If you think you know how Donovan and Scarlett’s story is “destined” to play out – think again. Once you sit down to read it – don’t plan to do anything else; you won’t be able to stop – the story will pull you back, breathless, hoping for the best, fearing for the worst, and then delivering the shock of a lifetime – you will never see it coming so don’t even try.  Just stop reading this review, one-click the buying link, and find out for yourself. The answers are all there – and they are truly unforgettable. This is a story I will read time and time again – yes, it’s that good.

AJ Linn’s writing style has always impressed me. It’s clean, crisp, direct, real and completely relatable. It’s funny, honest, thoughtful, and sometimes utterly heartbreaking. There are no wasted words – ever. His characters – all of them – feel like family. The banter between them is hilarious when it should be and tender when it needs to be, without going overboard in either direction. The story is incredibly erotic one minute, suspenseful the next – but woven throughout is a sense of hopefulness that all of these wonderful characters will get the happy-ever-after they deserve.

It is this consistent, restrained storytelling quality that draws you in and keeps you engaged at every turn. The theme of the series is one we can all relate to. The uniquely human need to discover our destiny, to realize the future we hope for – coupled with the inescapable reality that we cannot predict or control what lies around the next turn – makes Donovan’s journey one that we all share. His hopes are our own. His failures are our own. His fears are our own. We feel his sense of optimism, his hopes and dreams, his determination, frustration, anger, guilt, and his amazing capacity to love. In the closing chapters we see how all of the events of his past have led him full circle – and yet I still want more. I selfishly hope to see Donovan again, because I feel that I wasn’t ready to let him go, and I’ve had to say goodbye to him far too soon. In my book, he ranks right up there with Christian and Gabriel as a character I will never get enough of – or stop thinking about.

A Gentleman’s Fate is an absolute triumph. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading this series, wait no longer. You are in for a memorable journey that will fill your heart with love and longing, and leave you begging for more. AJ Linn has established himself with a unique voice and storytelling style that makes me willing to wait for wherever he takes us next – because I know I have found a writer that has made me a lifelong fan.

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