The Series

Turning Points is a contemporary romance series that explores the aftermath of life-changing events — the ‘defining moments’ that can change our destiny in an instant.

Where Angels Sleep (Turning Points #1)

Where Angels Sleep, one of two books by Paula RadellMatthew Beckett is an angry, bitter, broken man; a man without hope, faith or purpose. But he wasn’t always that way. Once the Chief Resident at a major university Trauma Center, he was a committed family man, married to his high school sweetheart, with a beautiful daughter, loving family and friends, and a bright future ahead.

Until, in a tragic twist of fate, he lost it all.

In the aftermath, a toxic blend of grief and guilt sent his life spiraling out of control, taking everything, leaving only shadows and demons in its wake. Convinced that there was nothing and no one with the power to heal him, he decided to end it all. But first there was one final stop to make — to ask forgiveness, say his last goodbye, and find peace with his decision.

Little did he know that another twist of fate was waiting in the wings. In the least likely place, on the brink of self-destruction, Matt meets a woman and her young son, the two people destined to save him by challenging everything he’s come to believe about life, love, faith, fate and family. All it will take is a leap of faith and a spark of hope – two things that have eluded him for the past three years.

To save himself, can he risk loving and losing again?

Where Angels Sleep is an emotional, uplifting contemporary romance  Due to mature themes, adult language and some sexual content, it is most appropriate for readers over the age of 16. No cliffhangers – HEA guaranteed.

Where Angels Sleep (Turning Points, #1)
You can read a description and the first three chapters of my DRAFT on Wattpad – comments are appreciated.

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Where the Truth Leads (Turning Points #2)

Where the Truth Leads is a standalone inspirational romance based on one of the characters in Where Angels Sleep. The genre is the same, and the characters are familiar – but that’s where the similarities end. Look for the blurb and a few teasers as time goes by. I have no idea when I’ll finish this story, but I won’t stop until I tell it.

Where the Truth Leads (Turning Points #2)