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My approach to book reviews…

  1. Receipt of an ARC does not affect my review in any way. It is an honor to receive one, and if I love the book, I’ll buy it to thank the author for the privilege of a sneak peek at their latest release.
  2. I look for elements of greatness in EVERY book.  I focus on the best aspects of the reading experience in all of my reviews; my goal is to provide a constructive, positive review that will help the author and influence potential readers.
  3. That being said, as a writer and a copy editor, I can’t ignore the quality of the editing in the final manuscript; I’m much less concerned with proof-reading issues with ARCs, knowing they will be reviewed again before the final version is uploaded. However, if the book has multiple minor grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors, or if I find significant inconsistencies within the manuscript, I will contact the author to offer feedback, rather than leave a poor review.
  4. My reviews are designed to tell the reader what he or she will experience while reading, particularly what is unique and makes the book stand out from others in the same genre.
  5. I post reviews > 3.5 stars on my blog,, Goodreads, all of my social media platforms, and other sites the author requests.

A no-spoiler guarantee + a few other things I won’t do …

  1. I won’t publish reviews containing spoilers.  I usually post the author’s official synopsis with my review so that I don’t clutter up the review with a repetitious summary of the story.
  2. I rarely give 3 star reviews, but I’ll contact the author (or the tour host) if I feel I can’t honestly rate the book any higher.  I won’t publish a review < 3.5 stars without personal contact with the author. On Goodreads & Amazon, I round UP, rather than down.

If I can’t review a book, it may be because…

  1. …I didn’t finish it. That rarely happens, but If I am unable to finish the book, I’ll notify the tour host or the author to explain the reason.
  2. …Life happens. We make plans, God laughs. See #3, below…
  3. …I won’t delegate reviews. As a one-woman operation, I don’t have a review team to call on if something happens, so I appreciate your patience and will make every effort to reschedule it as soon as possible.

 How I rate what I read…

stars used to illustrate book reviews

5  Stars:    I  really loved it. Essentially flawless, of exceptional quality, or with very minor imperfections that didn’t affect the reading experience. HIGHLY recommended.

4 Stars:        I really liked the book overall; perhaps there were some elements that didn’t resonate as strongly as others, or there were editing issues that were significant enough that it didn’t meet the “essentially flawless” threshold.

I also use  1/2 stars when the platform allows it. If it’s a half-star review on a platform that doesn’t allow it, I’ll include it in the text.  RECOMMENDED.

3 Stars:           I liked the story, but it didn’t resonate as strongly as it could have. I will explain that to the author, and will not post the review if the author prefers that I withhold it. RECOMMENDED with reservations.

2 Stars:   Something about the content was significantly less than I expected.

1 Star:  These are usually books I don’t finish – so I have never posted a 1-star review.


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