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About me…

Hello and thanks for visiting! My name is Paula Radell and I’m an unrepentant bookaholic.

Born in southeast Virginia, I now live in the rural wine country of Northern California with my husband, Ray. We share our home with a feisty black greyhound named Willow, and two neurotic tabby cats – Matthew & Diana. Yes, I named my cats after my favorite book couple – the hero and heroine in the All Souls Trilogy, by Deborah Harkness. Don’t judge me – I’ve admitted I’m an addict, and that series literally changed my life.

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Paula, the Bookaholic…

I first embraced my addiction to reading and writing in September, 2012, when I launched my first book blog, “Curl Up and Read.” In 2014 I took my reading habit to the next level by launching a small consulting service for indie authors, Passionate Promotions, specializing in copy editing, promotional events, and social media marketing.

Now that I’m following my own dream of being a published author, I’ve realized I need to let go of a few things, while still embracing the best of both worlds. So I’ve gone back to basics — blogging, writing, promoting and editing for a few close friends. And, having experienced the paralyzing self-doubt and general craziness of writing my own books, I’m even more devoted to helping other authors realize their publishing dreams.

My reading and writing life…

When I’m not writing or working at my part-time job as a nurse & healthcare consultant, I moderate the Emily March Fans group on Goodreads. I love being a member of this supportive, inspiring community. Emily’s Eternity Springs series is another one of my all-time romantic favorites.

I’m also honored to review and promote upcoming releases by favorite authors here on Passionate Readsas well as on my FB promotional blog, Passionate Reads & Reviews. As a NetGalley Professional Reader, I keep my dashboard – and my e-reader – full of future bestsellers.

I owe everything I write to the authors whose books have taken me to exciting, romantic fictional worlds, and to others who have encouraged me on this journey. There are too many favorites to list here, but you’ll find me following [sometimes stalking] them on social media.

What and why I write…

I’m currently writing my debut fiction series, Turning PointsWhere Angels Sleep, Book 1, is a dark but ultimately inspirational romance, releasing in early 2017. Its sequel, Where the Truth Leads, is a spin-off of the original story that will follow later in the year. They may be read in order, or as standalone novels, without cliffhangers.  (Details are on the Books page.)

My stories are influenced by my life as a registered nurse; my interest in crime and legal dramas; my fascination with the paranormal; and the deep love of all things romantic. I especially enjoy inspirational, redemptive romance, sports romance, romantic comedy and romantic-suspense novels.

The Turning Points series is passionate and emotional, angsty but always hopeful, with a healthy dose of unadulterated lust, and – sometimes – a hint of the paranormal. I’m a relentless perfectionist, a grammar and spelling fanatic, a tech nerd and a life-long, card-carrying introvert. (That’s also the reason my writing process is slower than most of the other authors I know!)

My dubious claims to fame…

When I’m not writing or working at my ‘day job’ as a healthcare leadership consultant, I love to cook & tinker with new recipes. The kitchen is my playground. I have a weakness for champagne, hot fudge sundaes, and Cherry Garcia fro-yo. I also love traveling, watching superhero movies, and making trips “home” to the beaches of southeast Virginia to visit family and friends.

If we’re friends on Facebook or Twitter, or you follow my boards on Pinterest, you’ll see that I’m addicted to David Gandy, Jamie Dornan, tattooed hotties, suit porn, the Minions, Lucifer, Fifty Shades, and Supernatural. 

I also can’t resist sharing memes or videos featuring cats, dogs, and general human absurdity. I love to laugh, loud and long, at myself, mostly…but not always. And if you really know me well, you can attest that I’m famously clumsy. My dark and racy sense of humor gets me in trouble from time to time, and I excel at laughing inappropriately – always at the worst possible time.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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