A Gentleman’s Memoir, by AJ Linn ~ Everything I hoped for, with the promise of more…

Book Cover Photo - A Gentleman's Memoir by author AJ LinnThere are authors that burst onto the scene and fade away just as quickly.  There are books – and  book series – that skyrocket to the top of the charts, but are soon forgotten as insatiable romance readers wait for “the next big thing”. And then there are those that you know will always be a part of you, for any number of reasons.  AJ Linn, and The Gentleman’s Series, are among the ones that have taken up residence in my heart and soul and will never leave. Like an old friend who appears when you most need one; like a refreshing drink of sparkling water on an insufferably hot day, or a hot toddy on a cold winter’s night, AJ’s voice as an author speaks to me; his characters are beloved friends; and I find comfort in the fact that his latest book, A Gentleman’s Memoir, will not be his last. While I know I will never truly say goodbye to Donovan Hart, I’m delighted that I didn’t have to say it this time.

A Gentleman’s Memoir is exactly what I have come to expect – and crave – from AJ Linn: straightforward, clear, clean writing that is simultaneously erotic, tender, bittersweet, full of charm, self-deprecating humor, and hope. A collection of colorful characters, many of whom I have come to regard as one would their dear, quirky friends, parading through his life, shaping his past, present and future. As a novella, A Gentleman’s Memoir is a perfectly crafted appetizer to the gourmet meal that is the rest of this wonderful series.

If you are new to the author and his books, you might be tempted to start here – and that’s just fine.  After all, it is a prequel. You will certainly have the benefit of knowing Donovan Hart from “the beginning,” and watching him continue to grow – and yes, even mature a little! – in A Gentleman’s Affair and A Gentleman’s Secret. But, having been a fan of AJ since his early days as an author, I especially enjoyed reading it LAST, after I had fallen in love with Donovan, after a year or so of speculating about his past, and after seeing his transformation from an entitled, elitist playboy who lived from day to day to a confident man who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to keep it. For me, even though it is a prequel, it is less like an appetizer, and more like a decadent dessert.

There’s never been a better time than this to get to know Donovan Hart, his friends and former lovers; his one-night stands; the places and the experiences that have made him who he is ~ a beloved book boyfriend who can make you laugh, cry and roll your eyes in the space of a single paragraph.  Wherever you decide to begin Donovan’s journey, just do it, and do it today.

Thank you, AJ, for bringing Donovan to life; for involving those who care so much about you in creating and continuing his story; and please keep writing. The reading world needs role models who inspire the writer in all of us, and you are truly one of a kind.

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