Welcome to paularadell.com, home of Passionate Reads & Reviews,  a blog about passionate books and the authors who write them. At the moment, my website is in transition. I’ve been a book blogger, reviewer and publicist since 2012, but now I’m adding ‘author’ to my resume. I’ll continue to celebrate, support and promote the books and authors who feed my reading addiction, but I’ll also post about my own writing journey from time to time.

A Writer’s Life

You’ll notice that paularadell.com is under construction. In fact, everything about me is — and will always be — a work in progress. The only constant in the universe is change. I believe the ability to reinvent ourselves is a gift that allows us to experience the fullness of life and appreciate all of its experiences – the joyful, the tragic, and the blissfully routine. For those of us who love to write, these experiences influence and inspire us to tell our stories.

Writing is my passion, a calling that won’t leave me alone. In 2015, I started writing my debut series, Turning Points. I hope to release Book 1, Where Angels Sleep, late this fall, followed by Book 2, Where the Truth Leads, in mid-2017. Both are standalone romances with a little humor, a lot of angst – and no cliffhangers. Subscribe to my newsletter if you’d enjoy occasional, exclusive sneak peeks and get-to-know-you contests. When the time comes, we’ll celebrate with release events, swag, ARC/review opportunities, and other giveaways.

Visitors Become Friends

We are all in this book world together, and I enjoy networking with passionate readers, bloggers, and authors in every genre. As you visit, please leave comments or questions; I read every one of them. Tell me what would encourage you to visit again or subscribe.

If you’d like to be part of my beta-reading team, there’s a quick and easy form on the Contact page. If I can support you as a beta reader, reviewer, proof-reader or editor – you can contact me directly via email,  paula@paularadell.com.

Whether you are a reader, author, blogger, friend or family member, I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my ‘home’ with you, and sincerely appreciate your visit today.